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  1. Thanks for making game for all russians to cheat
  2. Hey guys im flying under ground but i aint cheating though xDd thats what he ment
  3. sturm

    #78 hacker

    Same hacker is back again, aimbotting
  4. Another team of hackers and a random hacker
  5. @Catsbit.Care
  6. Fly hacking duo trying to hide it too, investigate thanks
  7. Thank you for doing nothing for this game i wasted 50€ to nothing im quitting and i hope others will quit because u never ban anyone. Wasted 2 days of my time to die to same fkin hackers. Cant even roam. Kid is aimbotting fluently and u cant even take ur lazy ass to read messages in ur website.
  8. Again one more aimbot
  9. Hacker killing people left and right, i lost 10 hours of progress to him twice and hes not banned for so long, i dont understand why this game doesnt have atleast 1 admin in server so we can start experiencing the game at its best. Do sonething.
  10. Hello, id like to ask for a position in the team. My name is Tomas i am 26 years old, i am responsible, also very active, and high experienced player in rust. I want to make rust oxide more enjoyable without "hackers" in the game or atleast less of them. Nowadays to ban a hackers it takes 1-2weeks, on certain occations even longer. We need more people like this to make our gaming experience enjoyable, thank you for reading this.
  11. Hi id like to report 3 people of possibly using fly hacks (one of them for sure) thank you for reading this. There is 2 accounts with same name ROMKA2244, the names are the same, please investigate. Thank you for your precious time.
  12. Hello there. Id like to report that server #78 is crowded with hackers for a couple of weeks. I hope you read this and make an investigation because reports seem not to help (in game) thank you for reading this.