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  1. The developers literally gave up on the game. If they hadn’t, they wouldn’t have been lazy enough to add cars instead of guns and post patches for the hacks. 
    Sell the game to someone who puts effort into the game.  

  2. Glitch needs to stop now. He always lies and says "I've done nothing wrong in this game😭." Stfu all you do is lie, Gay Trap. Honestly I love the game but you make other people suffer for nothing. It is very cruel.

  3. Afy is probably shadow fox alt or Stalins. He continues to attack innocent builders in this game. This needs to stop. He also claims I'm Srs yet I said I want all clans gone. He might be shadow fox's brother to be honest.

  4. I honestly feel like the age rating for this game should be changed. Because of online bullies like Hanz the game isn't safe. Also younger people most of the time destroy your servers. Most players are little kids. Another underage person is Afy. Best regards on you update 


    P.S. Please ban Hanz/Glitchtrap/Shadow fox already