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  1. TGT is a brand new clan that is as bad a Hanz! They do the same thing as nazi and are making others feel bad.
  2. Dear Creators, Hanz also known as shadow fox or glitchtrap should be banned. He is so rude to others and he make my friends quit. I really wish he would be different but I guess not. Stalin is also helping him by spreading hate and destruction in sandbox. Also I can't wait until the UPDATE. From A Good Boi, Ink Boi
  3. This is who he is. He is rude and cyber bullies all the time.
  4. Srs needs to be destroyed too
  5. Ink Boi

    Afy is USSR

    He wants clans to be destroyed but not his. He is the mean USSR.
  6. So by being rude to others is helping the community.
  7. I agree on this to. The kick button ruins the game. It would be best if you take it off.