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  1. This is you dude
  2. This is you dude
  3. Glitch needs to stop now. He always lies and says "I've done nothing wrong in this game." Stfu all you do is lie, Gay Trap. Honestly I love the game but you make other people suffer for nothing. It is very cruel.
  4. Ink Boi

    Afy 😒

    Afy is probably shadow fox alt or Stalins. He continues to attack innocent builders in this game. This needs to stop. He also claims I'm Srs yet I said I want all clans gone. He might be shadow fox's brother to be honest.
  5. They claim they destroy all bad clans yet they do the same thats their website thats the evil mimes yt they should all be banned from the game
  6. You know what I think. I don't care.
  7. I honestly feel like the age rating for this game should be changed. Because of online bullies like Hanz the game isn't safe. Also younger people most of the time destroy your servers. Most players are little kids. Another underage person is Afy. Best regards on you update -InkBoi P.S. Please ban Hanz/Glitchtrap/Shadow fox already
  8. Look who's here it's the wannabe Alex. Man your clan is the worst of the worst. Oh yeah I forgot it's dead.
  9. Ink Boi

    Afy is USSR

    Sir go back to school that isn't proper grammar.
  10. Afy how about you. All you are is a little baby so stfu. Hanz this is why nobody likes you. Your clan will die as well. The only reason it's alive is because you merged. All clans shall perish.
  11. Dandy boi is one of the nicest people on forums

  12. Ink Boi

    Afy is USSR

    You are something called a LIAR.
  13. Afy first of all I think Srs needs to fall. Second of all your part of USSR don't lie
  14. TGT is a brand new clan that is as bad a Hanz! They do the same thing as nazi and are making others feel bad.
  15. This is why he should be banned.
  16. Dear Creators, Hanz also known as shadow fox or glitchtrap should be banned. He is so rude to others and he make my friends quit. I really wish he would be different but I guess not. Stalin is also helping him by spreading hate and destruction in sandbox. Also I can't wait until the UPDATE. From A Good Boi, Ink Boi