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  1. i don't know that if you notice that or you put it but it kind of weird if players know what does it mean
  2. hi catsbit can you please make the voice chat different what i mean is when some one speak on voice chat i wish you make fake voice that better and make it more Clear and please make the game more for children safety and more fun to play it safe that way it will be better
  3. catsbit the game need anti-hack and make hackers join only servers that have hackers we players can't play in peace because of these hackers so not only me want this all players want it and make the bad words be (*) because i saw alot of kids playing this game and this game have alot of people that want make things not good for kids eyes and make the voice chat be mute atleast only for who playing and thank you for making this cool and great game it just need some thing to fix so please read this and i wish the next update be soon thanks alot (CATSBIT) for making cool games
  4. yea i wish the game fix this and make update to change names with money or gems its better
  5. ohh sorry wrong warning it was just a bug forget it
  6. ohh sorry its wrong warning it was just a bug
  7. then make update to change names with money or gems its better
  8. and please fix the names because first i join game my name still but when i join game and then leave then join other game my name become player so please fix this bug its very bothering
  9. before 3 minutes ago the multiple crash again please catsbit fix it