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  1. I have noticed that the Spanish language has badly translated words, how graphics, which should be gráficos not grafías , the messages that if you want to quit, the errors and the news are not translated. If you want to know what the mistranslated words are, just answer and that's it.
  2. Catsbit changes my name, I misspelled it and I want to change it to HECTOR The image shows my ID
  3. This idea occurred to me, because new players know almost nothing about the game, and they will need a tutorial mode that explains the following: What each button is for What each material and objects are for How to cook How to make things It also occurred to me that they add a minimap to see your friends or that on the map you can see your friends along with their name, that depends on catsbit.
  4. @Catsbit.Cuidado This has also been happening to me a lot, it happens to me when I get an ad and it repeats and repeats several times in a row.
  5. @Catsbit.Cuidado after the update this started to happen to me, can you please change my name to Rocky YT My ID in the photo
  6. @Catsbit.Cuidado It happens the same to me to, Weeks ago I created a new account My ID in the picture, change my name to Rocky YT
  7. please fix this, it has happened to me many times, I just go to the server and the server takes me out just like that, and when the internet goes out, but when the server takes me out, and when I want to connect again, the game won't let me connect, and when I refresh the server it appears and disappears quickly, and it takes about 5 minutes for me to re-enter, and when it gives me an error I get this error.
  8. I wish there was a chat to talk, when you add someone as a friend in your profile section a chat button appears like when you are in a game. For example, you are in your profile, you press the button and a chat appears to talk between the 2 without being in the game.
  9. Hi I found another speed hacker, I have a record of a screenshot I took quickly, the server name is in the title, is BR#1
  10. I was on the BR#1 server and found a speed hacker called The-flash, I don't have video because I don't have space, I was on the SERVER of BR#1 and I found a speed hacker called The-flash, I don't have video because I don't have space, let's see if they find it.
  11. Hi Catsbit, This is what you can add to your game, missions that at least give you gold coins like the ones that appear in our profile. Fishing rods, could be another source of food for many players who need food. Horses, we have no other means of transport than walking or running, it would be more fun to ride horses and that the mounts are made. Shields, It would be another way to defend against animals or enemy players. Thanks for reading, I hope you serve the ideas.
  12. Hi Catsbit, Today I am experiencing a problem, and that is that when yesterday I left a server that is the E.U oxide 14 3.0 and I went back to that server today and saw my inventory all deleted. And I lost everything, no one could have killed me, I was inside my newly created house, nothing could have killed me just I put him to disconnect, and accept. So I need to know if it's a mistake, if it is, I need you to fix it, I don't like to play with a deleted inventory.
  13. What I always do is: run, mine, hunt animals, cut down trees, walk, jump and go to the abandoned factory, and that's all, I don't know why they are expelling me, I'm not hacking anything, I hope they fix it.
  14. Hi Catsbit After update 0.3.1 the anti cheat is getting out of control, they take us out all the time and reset us to the location where we were, we need him to fix it, and he brings out the innocent people who aren't cheating. Thanks for reading.
  15. Hi you need to add more languages to the game as many don't know english, add languages like: Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Arabic and more.