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  1. Hello @Catsbit.Care I think you have noticed that many people complain about turrets, that they do not work in the PVE server,but this is not the main problem, I was glad when they added a timer to disconnect from the server,but you didn’t take into account one thing, in your game there will always be cheaters and will always kill honest players,who spend quite a lot of time in your game, developing and playing with friends, receiving emotions and many new impressions.I ask you to start taking cheaters seriously, I see you immediately ban those who spam in the chat advertising cheats.I was glad to see that the bug with exiting the transport was fixed, now I fly around the map without fear of being kicked out But please listen to your players,we need a fair game. As for the turrets, it’s better to leave them as they are, because that’s what pve is for and pve is that they shouldn’t kill each other, that’s where players learn.I hope you will listen to us. I would like to contact you and talk about something serious about your project.
  2. Ahahaha dude, facepunch doesn't care about oxide.They won't throw them into court because rust won't waste time on a small project.This is not the biggest problem with oxide now.The most important thing in the game now is to completely eradicate cheaters, or at least take serious measures,by their struggle.The only thing that pleased me about this update is that it doesn’t throw me out of the game when leaving the vehicle.That's all, even their store, which doesn't drop resources when destroyed, doesn't bother me.
  3. Они специально так сделали,чтобы все покупали донат вещи,разработчики тоже хотят кушать)
  4. Сегодня выйдет обновление с 14:00 до 16:00 так написали разработчики в новостях
  5. Гений,если ты думаешь что сделал синий цвет иконки сообщений и тебя разблокирует из-за этого,ты не самый хитрый,ты самый глупый.Не жди разбана,я играю почти 3 год без читов и т,п меня ни разу не забанили.Я получал 30-40 репов за то что убивал людей с прицела на дальние расстояния.
  6. Думаю в конце месяца(апреля)
  7. SmuzI


    Ahahaha, haven’t you noticed that the servers are all full and after the update the ping is high?At the moment the problem is with the servers and their load, I have a powerful Internet at home but I still have ping on the servers
  8. Hello @Catsbit.CareThere have been more cheaters lately, I don’t see any the moderator was online and banned cheaters. What happened to him? Did you fire him? player nickname:RSDERKÆ ID:6341A4944B9AD792
  9. @Catsbit.Guard up
  10. ID: A481152B9830F08B
  11. @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit devHello. I want to notify you that many games similar to mobile rust will be released soon. After 2 years of playing, the game is in alpha version and it hasn’t gotten any better; before, cheaters could only use speed hack,and now people who have reached level 10 are killing everyone with a machine gun.Today I saw that there were 60 people on the server, it was a good idea, but half of the players on the server are just cheaters Tell us, why don’t you just create a group in telegram and block those who create cheats? Why does it already seem to me that you are on the same page with them? All I hear is excuses that this is a small business,Doesn’t the fact that almost 10 thousand people play your game bother you? It would be more if they removed cheaters forever.Put strict rules against cheaters, ban the device for a period of time, a week, a month, a year for the third time you use Cheat
  12. @Catsbit dev мне надоело выходить из сервера при нападении читера,примите меры против них,ваша система уровней легко обходима,они создают новые аккаунты и убивают людей которые покупают ваши товары в магазине,какой смысл нам покупать их если нас убивает игрок который зашёл на сервер и играет 2 день с читами !? Я играю в это дерьмо 2 года,за 2 года игра изменилась,но в плане читеров она стала ужасной,каждый второй играет с читами,мне надоело отбиваться от рейда читеров,они ломают мою крышу и забирают все ресы которые я фармил
  13. Полностью согласен,я перестал покупать их товары,игра дерьмо,они легко могут искоренить читеров из игры,но банально разработчик хочет заработать с воздуха, добавляя донат,не нужные вещи,и то в пол года.Разработчик тупой лентяй,он элементарно не общается со своим комьюнити,его отговорка это лишь "семейный бизнес" семейный бизнес не делается в маркете или эп сторе.Пусть в каком-то неизвестном маркете выложит игру.Морочит голову всем.Я лично был забанен трижды на форуме,за то что высказал правду.Он эгоист которых поискать,мне жалко игру,там хороший онлайн,и было видно что после обновления онлайн с 5-6 стал 7,5,были добавлены новые 15 серверов,лишь это радует,но баги все равно есть, урон элементарно стал решать хуже
  14. @Catsbit.Care I'm completely disappointed in how to buy goods in this game.We waited a month for me to be kicked out of the game because you are a crooked developer.You and your game are trash, I wasted my money today, I bought new items thinking that I would enjoy playing.I was killed with all my resources because it just kicked when I was chopping down a tree.
  15. SmuzI


    Ура, обновление, дождались