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  1. Then how can I transfer it?
  2. I switched from an Android device to an Apple device, so I wanted to transfer what I bought to a new account, where I bought a new prime. old ID:88CFBDBFC50D689C new ID:1C5408406EB2F996
  3. After moving, the sensitivity of opening the mirror will decrease, which greatly affects my game experience.Sometimes it even gets stuck, but my fps keeps showing 60 The video effect may not be obvious, but the play process is very obvious.
  4. zhusAD

    Spike hang

    Please seal this hacker off immediately. He cost me 3000 wood and 400 iron and 500 sulfur. When I was mining, he accelerated to run to my side and killed me in only one second. I didn't record the video at that time. id:6BF796C622D7B757
  5. id:D32C00675E20301C
  6. zhusAD

    #6 hacker

    https://youtu.be/JNNtb78qhy4 I dug 1000 stones and 500 irons, which were all gone in a flash. he ID:AC8D0B1C47AEF932