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  1. JR7

    Bugged store

    But now what do I do to be able to buy it? @Catsbit.Guarda
  2. JR7

    Bugged store

    @Catsbit.Cuidado It's still not possible to buy it, bro, it's not even enough to spend money, it's giving more @Desenvolvedor Catsbit
  3. JR7

    Bugged store

    Hello catsbit, I wanted to buy this item (centry) but when I click on it it says that the item is already mine, but in the store it is not mine, what could have happened?.
  4. JR7

    Game store

    The store is saying that I already have the purchased item and I don't have it.
  5. JR7

    HACKER prof

    Hacker: Br3 https://youtu.be/Us2OHGUeeNc
  6. JR7

    Video Prof!

    ID:EA2A3C7C0669613E Av:Br3 https://youtu.be/DhCtnhCE_KE?si=4AkYgGOL9hn5qhb3
  7. JR7


    4D88026E7D979CCB 5E24C3A062AA216 60DF2C8DF38BC90D são hack no BR 3