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Found 51 results

  1. 😞😞😩😩😍😍😞id of the cheater: A81C1FD7B3EA32E6 SV:31 Vid:proof for you Catbit.guard : Ihope you see this catsbit pls just ban all cheater we all tired playing oxide because of cheater we want fair pvp 😞 and pls ihope you seeeee me catsbit:( your game is so good and I appreciate the texture and the graphics and the pvp is amazing But cheater is annoying thx to your game it made me happy while I'm playing it I really appreciate it this game:)
  2. Server 87 eu Id:F19D5CC2633948D1
  3. Kimlik:BF0924BB688B628 Sv: AB 61
  4. Hello Catsbit i got permanent banned without using hacks I don't understand why u did this to me, please fix the Banning system and unbanned my account I don't know the I'D but here's the Gmail
  5. Sv:20 ey Hacker Fly Hack ID:8CAC1F5506DB82F4
  6. Hacker sasha ppp use aimkill guider bullet speed Sasha ppp id. AFCF6016A11A5E2E
  7. 1 ID 312900BE2D3D0A87 2 Video proof
  8. Hacker us 6 id:34810BF1500C2A56
  9. ID: F0AD1B5B99DE533F 75UA Cheater AIM clan new account... 1 episode 2 episode
  10. ID: 213D1FB52B7BB9FA 75EU 15lvl AIM, MagicBullets
  11. 1. B56909F8ECB06417 2. Fly hack 3.
  12. SV- US15 ID- D0EE3EB3D6BF352B Proof
  13. JR7

    Video Prof!

    ID:EA2A3C7C0669613E Av:Br3
  14. 63C3D098DD590601 ID No sé del jugador, no tengo pruebas claras, pero sé lo que vi, no me mató con un revólver, solo de tiros en la cabeza, no estaba grabando, pero para el próximo estaré grabando, gracias por el juego
  15. Player using aim bot and filling hack kill my friend and me also please ban him. Hacker ID -4BC69E2653109D73 Hacker name - %%%%%%% Please ban him and your can't ban him so sale your game other devloper
  16. ID:4540F70C94249672 sv EU95
  17. Aimbot autokill hacker US 9 Player ID# 42AA268138C783D0
  18. Hacker climbing walls inside safe room Player ID# A8AB5E1B6A00D0FF
  19. ID E5BCD3F43FFA691F sv EU95
  20. ID 6C6E410B902C2255 sv EU95
  22. Please give me one chance unban my ID 3E1BACEE41383D88 Please