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  1. I've seen many players dc in game using ios phones and tablets. All they have to do is swipe up and the game closes. This needs to be fixed. You put a timer on disconnect to stop his kind of behavior. @Catsbit dev
  2. Racial slurs in game chat
  3. meAno deAno


    Egads slick got everyone stirred up. Lmfao. These threads are always comical.
  4. Please do something about this person. He has spammed chat all day. Player id is 9E816E5F64A64F50
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    Dude I wasn't even talking about you or referring to anything you were talking about. So idk why you are telling me to shut up. I can and will say anything I want on here. I was talking about all the hate and racism spewing out of the forum. So get on back to your constant ban the hackers speech you put into the wrong forum thread.
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    Wow....just wow. Some of you need to take a good long look in the mirror and decide if the rest of the community really needs you here. Toxic in and out of the game. I try scrolling for update information and all I see is you all cussing and fighting over nothing. It's a game get over yourselves.
  7. Ok ill get an app installed to do that. You say there is no way well i watched him go into 2 bases that were not his I know for a fact through code locked doors. I'm new to the game but I know what I saw and another gamer watched him do it as well. I'll be back
  8. Hi I would officially like to report xdozorx95 for cheats. Walking up walls and opening code lock doors. Watched him go into 2 bases and take their stuff. Also degrades people on server calling them loosers. This is pve server us 23. Please do something about this guy. Thanks