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  1. They're probably teasing a future update
  2. How am i "raiding" your servers? And how am i "starting wars"?
  3. All nazis have the big gay. And hanz, you are the most gay
  4. Lately I've seen some people on random servers that don't talk normally, they use some sort of "code" so this got me interested in trying to decipher it. And after much research i have found how to decipher it. So here is how it works, for each leter there is a number they use for it, and the number they use is decided by what place they are in the alphabet, so a=1 b=2 c=3 etc. And some sentences I've seen them saying are: 25231185 156 208513 which means, "beware of them" 4151420 6157520 which means, "don't forget" 208525 1185 315139147 which means "they are coming" And lastly, 2347 which means "wdg". So I've asked around and found this, the code is called wdg code. Most likely it is a code used by wdg members, so they can communicate without anyone knowing what they are saying. So if you ever see someone using that code, just remember what i said. But it seems there are only 3 players that speak in this quite frequently, those players being: Gaster, exen and {⌘2347⌘}
  5. The clan WDG has recently declared war against nazi. The leader ﻮครՇєг said that he wants to destroy nazi so sandbox 3d can be at peace, because the nazis just want to ruin the game. So goodluck WDG i hope you guys win.