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  1. No. I disagree you CAN'T lay a turret where building is prohibited *i/e- on someone else's "area"... And have to-1. lay a foundation... 2. Place a turret 3.load turret to assault someone in an attack * IF and ONLY IF you can build *. And The point remains everyone PURCHASED something with REAL WORLD MONEY $$. ANDD There were prerequisites of how said item would function.
  2. This MUST be turned back on. Played several wipes on same PVE server. Bought as a "MUST HAVE" for cheater deterrent. This was THE ONLY TRUE "FIX" you DEVELOPERS have given us for protection. Since you did this I've literally witnessed all the longtime players (money spenders) LEAVE. If kept as is REFUNDS need to be issued. Very dissatisfied and disappointed in this. I personally have never spent money playing a game.. And this is showing me I was correct in not doing it before. I'm feeling like giving ANY of my money to y'all was A MISTAKE. -THE MACHINE
  3. He's back. I'm working on catching him in action. I'll get him.( !HOSEIN! [ID:D7234AD37210A727] just FYI)
  4. I've connected twice and literally saw a "player" run through and right by me inside of my base WITH TURRETS ON and run around corner and then.... GONE.... PPPOOOFFFF! LOL... My partner has seen this phenomenon as well...any suggestions what's going on?
  5. Any questions? Obvious. All proof and information included. HOSEIN 1390 [D:EEF8A077D771DBA1]
  6. Screen record speaks for itself player #5828E37CD78F65E6.
  7. How many of you think headlamps would be a good addition?
  8. Just watch video.. "farming" Please PERM BAN
  9. Just watch video.. "farming" Please PERM BAN
  10. Literally every couple minutes it restarts. Catsbit you owe me like 10000 gunpowder, 200000 logs, a couple copters, turrets ect all lost due to restarts. The, least you could do is PERSONALLY come into the servers and restart EVERYONE'S furnaces... But I digress... You choose to entice people to spend money on in game item purchases @ 1/2 price due to the fact the game ITSELF is just about unplayable.. Last minute cash grab perhaps before total abandonment? Prove me wrong.