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Found 7 results

  1. Hello catsbit team, there is a glitch going around, people select the delete button, (or any object) then respawn, after that they can jump while shooting, i hope it gets fixed
  2. Вчера мы играли на 36[eu] сервере з друзьями. И тута китайцы хер знает как нас убивают через стену мы ище терпели когда они бегали на спидхаке ну ето уже не в какие ворота ники не могу сказать они китайские + их много было человек 5-8. / Yesterday we played on 36[eu] server with friends. And here the Chinese dick knows how they kill us through the wall, we already endured when they ran on a speedhack, well, it’s not at any gate anymore, I can’t say they are a whale.
  3. I'd like to apologize first, as I didn't get the actual footage of them hacking. It all happened so quickly and I didn't have a screen recording too. 1. Player named Hentai was roaming around using speed hack. They were zooming and crouching to control their speed hack to kill people with Hunting Rifle. They were fully geared, and a part of a clan. 2. 985x038 was using invisible bullets that dealt no damage to anyone. They did another bug where if you get near them, you'd have bleed effect on you ( it didn't drain the health ) but it was like they were shooting blank bullets that still showed damage effects. 3. SIKO I don't have an image of this person or proof, but this person was Wall Hacking ( they went through the walls ). They "raided" this person койот i was helping with farming and SIKO went through their walls, without damaging their base and looted their chests. By the time койот spawned back into their base, they resources was stolen.
  4. Comes on intermittently and just griefs entire server. Definitely speed hacks. I have no scren record as I don't know how. That is his full name attached.
  5. If you go in a car while being shot dead you will have full health again.
  6. People on 02.6 can go through walls and cheat by prison maps or stand off there should be a updat where you need to update or you can’t go on Multi player -Kazuki. (Game name)