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  1. There are to many cheaters shooting me and running so fast or jumping high to my walls and aimkill catsbit delete those hackers why are the cheaters not ban
  2. King of ark

    UPDATE 0.4

    The ladder on top of power plant doesn't work you can only go up but not done the top of power plant
  3. King of ark


    Be patient bro didn't you understand what catsbit said his waiting for unity to update so he can update oxide but the unity is still not update that's why
  4. King of ark


    I think update will be in 20 days and there will be no hackers
  5. King of ark

    Update 2023

    Finally after 4 months of waiting,the update is still not on Google play?
  6. Yeah there is many hacker they are spreading so fast then catsbit updating oxide