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  1. 8775


    It would be cool to have some npcs in the game.
  2. We need a plane like a F4U Corsair and for the jet it will be a F16 or a F18
  3. 8775

    New gun ideas

    They better add most of what we said
  4. 8775

    New gun ideas

    For tanks there should be 4 a M1A1, Bradley, BTR 80 and a panzer 4. And there should be attack helicopters, witch should only be a AH64 Apache. For planes there should be a cessna 172, a P51, F4U Corsair, B52 bomber, BF109, Junkers Ju 88 stuka, F22, F35, and a Beechcraft baron.
  5. 8775

    New gun ideas

    I agree with the MG42, and AK47 but I think you should also add a M16, M1 garand or grand (depends on how you say it), AWP sniper rifle, spas12 shotgun, moss berg 500, RPG, ATGM, vector smg, MP5, Scar battle rifle, Thompson Smg, Uzi, M82 barret, and a joke weapon the “glitch” witch is the “hidden shooting” bug you all patched. It’s also best if you don’t have to buy ammo.