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  1. Everything else looks good though
  2. Banning and blocking would kill the game
  3. How many times must I say banning ruins all games all people will do is spam report people and claim they are being racist when they aren’t doing anything it will kill the game
  4. The block button would kill the game because 75% of the players are clans and you can’t have a block button and clans so the game would inevitably die.
  5. And btw the kid did not ask for the picture
  6. Yes I’m completely serious he sent a picture of his penis to a 13 year old kid on discord
  7. Yes that would be it thanks for showing everyone yourself rapist
  8. It’s name is now death or something like that in fonts read the other post for more information on how it’s a pedo
  9. You mean the hacks you use?
  10. I agree with all but banning you cannot simply have clans and banning it’s not like other games clan wars in sb3d are to make another group leave like a real war banning will just kill off clans forever and half of your game. ive been playing for about 2 years trust me you will lose a lot of the player base with banning being added
  11. Shadow fox


    If you hanz is mad at you you did something to provoke it
  12. You said u were polish wtf is wrong with you
  13. I’m not a nice person I will give you that but what I do is in the right I am here to destroy toxic clans like what’s left of the srs clan and Don etc those are the toxic ones call me all you want and you might be right but. I’m the one trying my best to keep the game clean
  14. Not sure about the server banning that would end clan wars witch keep a lot of the player base around tbh