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  1. Oh wrong forums my bad nvm forget what I said carry on
  2. Ok so ruin the game got it people will just spam report people they don’t agree with banning of any kind would kill the game
  3. You mean the hacks you use?
  4. Shadow fox


    Lol yea Alex you call me the evil Nazi and your an oppressive leader and a grammar Nazi pretty hypocritical if you ask me
  5. You ignored my question why are you defending a child molester also it changed its name to “vicidragon” and has 2 people helping it named jade and girl queen.
  6. I agree with all but banning you cannot simply have clans and banning it’s not like other games clan wars in sb3d are to make another group leave like a real war banning will just kill off clans forever and half of your game. ive been playing for about 2 years trust me you will lose a lot of the player base with banning being added
  7. You ignored my question why are you defending a child molester?
  8. Not me personally do you like a 30 year old man sending dick pics to a 9 year old on discord?
  9. this person is a 30 year old pedo and we have evidence of it steer clear or destroy its servers Nazi clan is working on how to deal with the situation.
  10. It’s because their leader is a homosexual assclown
  11. Shadow fox


    If you hanz is mad at you you did something to provoke it
  12. He seems pretty nice to me
  13. You got it all wrong I’m only going after the people who start shit with me first so if people would stop pissing me off then everything would be fine
  14. You said u were polish wtf is wrong with you