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  1. You got it all wrong I’m only going after the people who start shit with me first so if people would stop pissing me off then everything would be fine
  2. You said u were polish wtf is wrong with you
  3. You deleted my base and attacked us so there for you started it
  4. Very mature of you since your the one starting wars and raiding my servers
  5. Very mature of you since your the one starting wars
  6. I’m not a nice person I will give you that but what I do is in the right I am here to destroy toxic clans like what’s left of the srs clan and Don etc those are the toxic ones call me all you want and you might be right but. I’m the one trying my best to keep the game clean
  7. Not sure about the server banning that would end clan wars witch keep a lot of the player base around tbh
  8. Not to be this way but if sombody had a pc why wouldn’t they just get gmod.
  9. Just some ideas for the gun update luger po8 fast firing pistol 1911 slower firing pistol with more damage ak47 as an assault rifle Mp40 as a submachine gun kar98 as an accurate sniper rifle mosin nagant as a less accurate harder hitting sniper rifle Mg42 as a really fast firing machine gun mabey a tank update with tiger tanks Sherman’s etc And Mabey a bigger build limit or an option to make build limit bigger thank you
  10. M8 that’s just dumb not to be an ass go to options and turn down render distance that should fix your problem
  11. You want my clan dead so I am defending it I’m here get rid of toxic clans yet your attacking me it makes no sense so yes I did put a bounty on you until you confirm to stay out of our way
  12. Fr for once I agree with Alex and Fred and would work with them any day of the week to get rid of you wdg
  13. Uh oh LIER alert LIER alert class do you believe in flying spaghetti monsters to BUBBLE HEAD