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  1. I had made a video doing that, you can watch it if you want. Video
  2. If you created the server your items and building would be saved.
  3. Like bones are pretty strong in real life.
  4. When is the release date and what are some of the changes ?
  5. Building Suggestions Make the floors, walls, roof and doors upgradable and in each upgrade the texture changes and the health of the structures increase. For example Wood -> Stone -> Metal. Make the doors destructible. Add hit noises to the structures. Because when i hit the floor or roof with an axe they don't make any noises. Add an opening animation to the door. Forum Suggestions Add an off topic section. Add a help section. Add the ability to report users. Add staff applications.
  6. Add like some text labels in the HUD which would include the X and Z coords.
  7. Item timer freeze: Craft 10 sticks (Or other item, the amount doesn't matter) then exit the crafting menu and open the player list, go to the crafting menu again and you would see that the timer is stuck.
  8. I think the voice conversation and player loot would be nice features.
  9. Change the run animation for players and animals. Add an option to change the transparency and color of the buttons. Add health indicators to players and animals. Add another button which opens the chat history. Add another door, which allows only the player who placed it to open it. Add anti-pvp option in the server menu. Add server commands. For example: "/gamerule pvp false" i got the idea from minecraft
  10. Some bugs that i have encounter: When you kill an animal it keeps moving. The server lags over time. The "next" button in the server list doesn't work. Sometimes when you craft more than 2 items the timer stops. Additional info: My phone is an S9. App downloaded from the Play Store.