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    там показан айди, из за неба не видно его
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  4. 83[EU] id: 26FCC1DC565B26CA вы уж извините, айди его заснять не удалось так как я даже среагировать не успела и он ливнул с сервера https://youtu.be/nDthgQ8hSCg?si=3DzOpk2gSx0ZUL1f
  5. katya

    hacker 4EU

    pls banned , he is online on the server
  6. katya

    Hacker 22eu

    ID: C564F5F7B1A860C4
  7. ID: EE4CE58FE01C3041 Developers, please return my account I play with ios, well, it's clear that I play without cheats. I was banned for the fact that I once jokingly wrote a link to the cheat channel, I just got interested and I decided to check and I was immediately banned. Please return my account, this will not happen again