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  1. He mean he can't trust me and reporting in other states without video also they are getting banned how can I record if he kill me in a second
  2. When he doesn't have stuff he uses hacks to kill everyone we all report him also I don't understand why you don't ban him he uses hacks everyone knows and you know too, ios device One can be used @Catsbit.created @Catsbit.Care I'd :84EFB5DDABFE7A51
  3. Удалите друга или двух, и вы сможете войти в игру.
  4. Удалите друга или двух, и вы сможете войти в игру.
  5. Because there are many hackers in this game I lost a lot I lost my old friends who all left the game because of hackers and I think there will be an update or not I couldn't say ,If it doesn't come today I don't think I will play this game anymore because there are many hackers 😔
  6. I think you are a little boy who doesn't understand anything I said look above what you write? Don't take that to mean that you really are a baby, go and eat mother's milk
  7. Who idiot? Look above what you messaged you said I don't think he can use hack he is not a hacker it doesn't matter you don't play on that server again tell him he doesn't use hack you know nothing, 20% prime server player use hack vip hack ,You don't know how to play and it's no use talking about it, you're an idiot.
  8. So, you stupid motherfucker, if you don't have prime , how do you know who is a hacker or and who is not Don't talk too much, you understand mother fuck
  9. Oh really i think it's your friend 🤣 maybe it's your I'd bitch he kill me in 1s Useing hack if catsbit chacking his I'd ...