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  1. @Catsbit.Guard bann this cheter all tz teem use hack
  2. not the cheter freind have emptty name the cheter have empty name sory i cant edite the post
  3. E65079166782D8B0 this is the cheter lvl 10 metal armor with assult rifle C0CCA9296BE451AE this is the cheter freind they not only cheter and they break the game rule he have empty name i see two people away come run to me this guy pvp with me i give him two hed they say in mic to his freind atacked him and they run away now the cheter come to me i think they cleen i start pvp him they killed me with magic bullet
  4. u leave prime bc u so noob and no one in prime use cheat only noobs when deid keep say cheter the majority of prime player use ios

    OP BUG

    player use op bug there was a bug make player never died i dont know how to do this bug but i hope this bug fixed soon
  6. how the acount not banned and the picture says baneed ??