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  1. i hope cauldren bug fixed next update because its bad resources inside cauldren Disappear when restart come
  2. @Catsbit.Care Can you answer me?
  3. What did this mean ? (Suspected cheating #1) (Suspected cheating #2) (Suspected cheating #3) (Suspected cheating #4) (Suspected cheating #5)
  4. This guy cheter use speed and magic bullet and they kicked so many time 67A3A2B6595E59AE
  5. @Catsbit.Guard @Catsbit.Care Check her youtube they use cheat in YouTube
  6. Sory because i dont have record on them but you can check him in server his online and he keep raid us with wall hack 67165CDFBAF3393F Here capture when him dead inside my base and i have +3 walled out
  7. Nro the best idea is make servers +15lvl Because I'm so bored of all the players in my server -10lv or +10lvl but cheter only one clean teem is my teem and noone have rocket i have like 2 weeks and my base was not raided yet
  8. Bro bann this cheter he just keep camping in our area in eu67 we cant just leave the base he kill us and raid my freind and we can't do anything just watch on silence 7FD81A01EEBEDF6F @Catsbit.Guard
  9. Its good idea but player They will use it in a bad way bc lvl 15 player will go to lvl 5 or 10 player and kill everone and raid everyone
  10. You can send vedeo or screenshot first write your message and submit it after click on edit and add your screenshot or video and confirme edit
  11. If lvl will restart next update i will leave this game im lvl 17 its so hard