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  1. Did you see me committing a crime? And i dont play so much on emulator i always play on phone i use emulator only when i record For your information, I am not the invincible player, I am always deid from the phone players
  2. Everything in vedeo he use antideth hack i waste +50 amo on them and he dont deid and his teem use cheat but i dont have proof i record only this idiot Name: asx top Id: B491402B73062803
  3. I can't record they come kill player fast and dc no-one will record 24 hours all prime player know this noob
  4. I buy prime server to go away from fucking cheter and the cheter follow me to prime why i waste my money cheter in prime more powerfull this idiot kill me with magic bullet and dc but i copy her id this guy from yesterday kill player and dc and they not banned he keep change her name and his lvl 10 Id: E2D70E45B46D3091
  5. I think because the forum full
  6. Everything in vedeo ID: 9AE53AD275CDACAD
  7. The level system is the best thing in the game that makes the game very difficult for cheaters
  8. This guy use aimbot 6405B027B887EC16
  9. i hope cauldren bug fixed next update because its bad resources inside cauldren Disappear when restart come