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  1. Change the game name oxide survival island to Hacker survival island
  2. Uuuf the game is Full of hacker plz ban this hacker 85F696DA2A408824 he use jump hack auto aim
  3. Add some new gun or fix tha matel armour
  4. 4C814195344780CC player id using aim hack ,,,,,,,,,,,
  5. A player using aim bot in us4 his id 462C2D6BC35532C5 please take action as soon as possible he spoil the interest of the game
  6. Hacker id 964B568BBD3C6522 please ban this hacker ass soon as possible He using aim hack ........and make this game disgusting .........ban the Hacker and report the hacker who gives theme hack
  7. Hlw admin in us 3 sarver a player using cheats and kill us his id EE39867E3ADA1EC Please ban him
  8. 54D2329716BB2A2B hacker aim bot jimp hack eu 35
  9. InShot_20221203_193748426.mp4 InShot_20221203_193748426.mp4 54D2329716BB2A2B hacker eu 35 aim bot ji InShot_20221203_193441666.mp4 InShot_20221203_193441666.mp4 InShot_20221203_193441666.mp4 InShot_20221203_193748426.mp4 InShot_20221203_193748426.mp4
  10. aim bot hacker BD5352DA5AD6E08D Do something as soon as possible