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  1. Plz fix the in game chat problem
  2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 First of all tell him to remove hacker from the 3rd class game
  3. We should uninstall the game right now this game is not playable 😤
  4. where is the birthday special update
  5. Where is your anti cheat update ....now all sarvers full of cheaters . This game in not playable now ..what are you doing ????
  6. BD177E8139E4F8B9 Esp and ami bot
  7. 116F2CCB69F954AA
  8. BD177E8139E4F8B9 Ban this hacker
  9. It's only been 19 hours since the update came out but the game has already had a lots of hackers
  10. Talking about game bugs but meanwhile I'm obsessed with game hackers
  11. check this video he make hack and spoil the game ?? i start play tha game suddenly a aim hacker come and kill me .......@Catsbit.Care .... Please give him copyright strike ......or ban all hacker in the game
  12. OooooooooooHUUUUUUURAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!