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  1. Yo the new update would be epic if thats so ?
  2. Many people give suggestions for future update which are really unique but however, really hard to make into the game. So here are just a few points that arent gonna be much hard to program. 1) friends list: you can add friends through players list in multiplayer and see if theyre offline or online and see the game their playing, singleplayer/multiplayer. Addition to that, its optional if you could make a chat feature in it too. 2) Guns: which you probably are working on, players are requesting new weapons and firearms. Its your choice which one to add to the game. 3) New maps: people want new maps in the game, suggesting a flat map, a map with mountains and snow, and others which people mentioned. 4) Vehicle glitched fixing. I also really want to add a point of my own. 5) Scale the size up of tables, make it half the size of the couch (furniture section of the inventory). Its REALLY annoying how the table are so short.
  3. When you build really big hotels or any other builds or just keep spamming props it'll eventually stop spawning, cause it reached the limit of props or objects that can be summoned. Basic defination, when the limit of putting objects on the map is reached.
  4. The devs dont put much effort on game, the maximum they're gonna do is add an ak-47 and some other pistol or maybe an m4/m16.
  5. In the app store of ios devices, iphones, have different screenshots than andrioid, play store? You can serach for yourself, first image is of a car, the last image is strange... It has a room, where theres a bed and a PAINTING on the wall behind it, and a window on the wall beside, with CURTAINS on it. Is this some image of future update? Does ios have hidden features? Im really curious and i really want the these stuff in the game.