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  1. Jian Yan


    Hi, when is the update coming out? I cant wait for limit to be removed so I can build a bigger city
  2. Sami, You need to enter Multiplayer and then at the bottom there is a save disket. Click there to continue your map. Itry, to make a map you can go to single player or multiplayer to make it. (I prefer single player as no trolls will disturb you). In single player, build you map and when you are finished, click on the menu icon and save map. However, to edit the map later you need to do it in multiplayer ONLY. (I DONT KNOW WHEN THE DEV WILL UPDATE THE GAME). Hope that help.
  3. Jian Yan

    game engine

    I think it's Unity. Most of the items in this game also appear in other Unity engine game.
  4. Jian Yan

    Spawn Point

    Hi guys, I was wondering if spawn point can be changed because I spawn and fell down. As you can see in the pic, the land is gone. Is there any way to do this?
  5. Bro, in English please. You need to go to multiplayer, in multiplayer lobby, it's at the bottom left of the menu your nickname. By default it's player**** (the * represent numbers).
  6. Jian Yan


    Hi guys, I notice some player can change the size of their text in chat and also change their chat colour. How do they do that. I noticed they key in a code and it happen. Please tell me?
  7. Jian Yan

    New Items

    Hi, I have a few suggestions on how to improve the game 1. Make owner choose which player can build and which one cannot. This is to ensure owner don't feel overwhelmed by people who wanted to disturb the owner 2. Add a water tile. People can make their own river, lake or Sea. 3. Make limit on how much car can be spawn. Too much car will make the game lag on weak phones. 4. Make a limit on small items. Again, too much of this will make the game lag. 5. Add a tank, boat. Ships can be optional or people can make their own custom ship. 6. Signs. Please make words on signs can be edited so people can know what the owner is planning to do. 7. Make mpre skyscrapers.