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  1. 1 minute ago, Emo Johnny/Bones said:

    Does he use inappropriate language or abuse anybody?

    Yes he does.

    So does the 7 year old telling everybody he will r*** everybodies family members.

    I understand you have a game to make.
    But it’s not hard to enforce rules and keep people in check. 

    We have seen people in game QUIT because of toxicity.

    So yup, thats fine catsbit. 
    You can ignore it if you want and have unhappy players.

     bro just stop trying to ban me ok 

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  2. dear catbits pls tell us when update but It better not take year I'm starting get bored because of no update 😞 but Im not trying rush I just want you  tell us by its oxide survival Island 

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  3. oh thx but he still mean he says bad words maybe ban bad words like everytime someone say a bad words the server says sorry this is ban

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  4. rich10 is a hacker and killed me with stone axe he also mean to me he say bunch of bad words and to other people pls do somthing like ban him or kick him out server 4

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  5. I log in oxide survival oxide server four and my house is gone not even single wall its like it was deleted you guy probably saying it was destroyed by a rpg but no i just the left the game for for 1 minute it gone pls fix this thank you sincerely nature

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