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  1. this for only building stuff like make better walls like stone for a better defence wood wall suck and break fast by weapens and put fences for more building options hope this helps
  2. hi here are some idea's for survival simulater 1. put more small Islands im bored just at the same island i like to explore. 2 .put buried treasure pls put like finding loot by digging with shovel or metal dectector. 3. put like a like a abandon city so loot it be cool to explore and get nice loot I hope it helps for the next update. by nice nature
  3. could you pls make different weather like rain,snow, and more better armor pls thank you
  4. when will you update survival simulator i got some idea's for you first is animal moose,chickens fish,second is predetors wolf',bobcats third more armor fourth food we need plant to eat it boring to just meat and pls put single player or multiplayer that all ask for please update