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  1. how about a swamp biome it could have fish, crocodiles as predator and could have abandoned village sincerely nature
  2. the servers for me won't show up me it keeps saying "failed to refresh the server please try again"
  3. finally thx for your hard work ? your the best
  4. I sent something but says need to approved by moderator?
  5. you mean it emo johnny will be freinds again ? (•◡•) /
  6. my parents let me play the game don't get mad at me I don't say bad words(sometimes when I die) your the one (ㆆ_ㆆ)
  7. yeah that happens to me too one time sayed failed restart server list and I had to wait 1 hour to work again
  8. anyways I hope you listen to me and tell us when will the update come