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  1. I live in country United states of america type of phone samsung
  2. I sent something but says need to approved by moderator?
  3. you mean it emo johnny will be freinds again (•◡•) /
  4. my parents let me play the game don't get mad at me I don't say bad words(sometimes when I die) your the one (ㆆ_ㆆ)
  5. yeah that happens to me a lot I get stuck
  6. yeah that happens to me too one time sayed failed restart server list and I had to wait 1 hour to work again
  7. anyways I hope you listen to me and tell us when will the update come
  8. dear catbits pls tell us when update but It better not take year I'm starting get bored because of no update but Im not trying rush I just want you tell us by its oxide survival Island
  9. Bro your faking right because i been telling you are you the developer or what bro
  10. bro WTF your talking about are the developer or what?
  11. bro are you the developer? or your just faking it
  12. me neither I don't want to wait that long pls tell when is the update coming
  13. oh thx but he still mean he says bad words maybe ban bad words like everytime someone say a bad words the server says sorry this is ban
  14. i know but killed me with stone axe one hit I had full leather armor
  15. rich10 is a hacker and killed me with stone axe he also mean to me he say bunch of bad words and to other people pls do somthing like ban him or kick him out server 4
  16. its working but now i dont have my house its gone