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  1. Hacker using aim kill, I recorded 2 videos because I accidentally stopped recording, but he had an ax hitting me from afar, I couldn't record the time he was teleporting. He killed me several times with aim kill Server: [BR] [0.3] Oxide #3 Evidences: Video 1: Video 2: HACKER ID: 356A8BFDF137C145
  2. He was using an aim bot hacker, everyone on the server is accusing him of being a hacker and when I went to find out he was actually using a hacker, he is an aim bot and he was also with this Он использовал хакерского аим-бота, все на сервере обвиняют его в том, что он хакер, и когда я узнал, что он на самом деле использовал хакерского бота, он был аим-ботом, и он тоже был с этим As the video was too big I cut it with an editor SERVER: [BR] [0.3] Oxide #3 HIS ID: B826B7BBDEF48ECC Evidences:
  3. ALZN777


    Hacker teleporting me hacker id: A2A190FC20AFC68A Evidences:
  4. Players closed the place to do the lumberjack mission in the game, they created a base there in the place where the mission is done and it is safe so no one can get in to do the mission, it is impossible. Server is: [BR] [0.3] Oxide #3