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Found 17 results

  1. Hartlap

  2. ID :647B3B1A2694B156 Hacker Aimbot #US 35 Prime
  3. This player play hack in prime eu 55 ID : B03C5B14073148C8 Please ban this hacker
  4. Hello, developers, I want to inform you that on the EU 45 server there is a person who is using hacks and is making our lives difficult in the game. We ask that you take action against this person. Its id is this: 5ED85B6A5B9AA87E Name: adoda2.1 #NoMoreCheaters Thank you Developers for taking action..
  5. ID:3B1A1757AC5409B7 NICK:T.O.Tŧŏř Revolver killing 30-60 m Aim-magic bullet shoot in head 40 m
  6. F04C625B6D19D242 Thats is id number hes hacking with aim bot please ban
  7. Hello please go check server us 27 their are so many modders on the server I'm trying to start a YouTube channel that promotes your game please help here are some ids you should check D81035DBC7CED05 CB73C793EFC7E0C EF691D25B96D80D8 A2AD6BF3CD7693D CB070E6895ADE1B 17CB8006788B399A 7203BB2793FE67ED D28F24A76842691E 2A39BE11A1AD4999 6801407CFCB2F28 6909C0238F6998FF 9BCDC2E40F584ED EAEFDE83FC45A34 88ABF551C34A81BF 16584A4077611DF5 3C10E71BEAF19CE8 26A2A2BD17654DF4 53BACEFED0A11549
  8. Y2 Svatoi CB73C793EFC7E0EC He is modding and keeps killing me
  9. Pls do apdait faster. Thes to AND FOOL hem team is hacher Just joun thé server AND you see
  10. Hello admin catsbit Game name : Hoanganhgame I used a bug and got sued and locked my account but I knew it was wrong . Hope admin forgive me because my nick has quite a lot of assets
  11. Есть в оксайде один клан [Сулич]. Так вот весь этот клан - это сплошные читеры! У нас с другом была отличная база, которую никто не рейдил, а тут, один из представителей этого клана просто запрыгнул на неё, прошёл сквозь двери и убил нас. Просим забанить этого игрока, чтобы игра была немного чище и лучше. ⬇️⬇️⬇️
  12. Я такой играю и тут как нах витера что делать я не знаю вот is читера 6243942BF2624EA7
  13. Ellos dos estaban arriba usando hacks, ya que era imposible subir hasta ahí, los usuarios son foxi44 y _koki_
  14. Hay dos jugadores haciendo trampa en el servidor BR2, quiero reportarlos por uso de trampas (entre ellas: esp, aimbot, y speedhack) tengo pruebas y las dejaré por aquí. También quiero dejar un enlace para que puedan ver el vídeo que tengo cómo prueba de que estas personas usan trampas:
  15. Patrick19


    Sevierville have aim bot, he is hacker his ID is:5E1D478338AAC9B3
  16. ID:8DEAE19C42A1B6O SERVER:21 EU the player is playing with cheats, he came to the wall and started to climb it. the video proof has not been uploaded to the forum, but there are screenshots