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  1. Ok are u gonna add it in a future update tho
  2. D,DOG


    How dum are u this ain't the suggestion one come on this is the bug report section come on even if they respond they can't do it the only way for that to happen is if that person gets multiple reports and still there is no option to report someone they haven't had that implemented in the game
  3. Is there a first person mode if so plz tell me how to do that and if there isn't maybe add it in the future
  4. Dear catsbit we would like to be able to pick up items and place them down/we would like to be able to place weapons and pick them up and add more weapons List of weapons /melee:knife bat katana/guns snipers rifles /semi auto full auto and single fire/ and plz put a option in the settings when you're creating a world to be able to do what's a limit on how many blocks can be placed /and for infinity they would type infinite/