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Found 12 results

  1. Nick: 把我留在街区. luffymc FauleHD2.0 Server: [BR] [0.3] oxide #2 Reason: Hi... On the oxide BR 2 server there are 3 users, which are carrying hacks (speed hack, lunar gravity and possibly aimbot) which are taking over the server. They use their profits to force people to pay 200 metal and sulfur, or else they rockets their house. Please ban them, otherwise the server experience is very bad and it's tiring to have 3 hackers taking over out of nowhere as if they were "admins". Thanks for reading There you have the proof that they use hacks Sorry for the quality of the video Likewise it is clearly seen, as 把我留在街区. Together with luffymc they have speed hack
  2. IGN: hack indio Server: US #1 Proof of hacking:
  3. IGN: loper6 Server: US #1 Proof of Hacking:
  4. @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev Please ban these hackers: icoe and 裸屌. They are speed hacking. They keep on killing players and going inside someone's bases. In this video, you can see how abnormal they move and they are so fast. Their movement was similar to the other post here. Link of the similar speed hacks: Link of the video: If the proof/evidence is not enough I'll provide more soon.
  5. Screen-20211114-143118-1.m4v @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.created @Catsbit.Dev IGN of the Hacker: raided vc US Server #1 This player raided me inside my base while I'm afk. Luckily, I heard the gunshots. That hacker killed me so I respawned quickly in my base and started recording. You can see him inside my furnaces even my door is locked. Next, you'll see him outside there's no door inside there. That guy literally took all my items, weapons, and destroyed my TC. He even used my RPG on my own base. Please, I hope you banned their IP Addresses and all the device that they use. I'm not going to post this thing if I didn't encounter it, I lost everything... You can also see his feet is under the ground which is mostly can be seen on the other hackers as well. Screen-20211114-143118-1.m4v
  6. Im playing Oxide-Survival on Server #1. A Guy Called bbh is hacking into bases. (Glitches into doors) He is currently online (14:42 CET). Pls help i don’t want to lose everything i have. My ingame name is ☆. I even have proof
  7. Blaer


    There are players who pass through the doors. I don't know if it's a bug or Hak. Server #10: player's nickname in the screenshot.
  8. when are you going to take hackers out of this game?
  9. Hey there. I found a hacker in RU server, and he crashing all servers, that why i want to get him banned on Sandbox 3D. + I can tell what cheat he uses, but i will not print there. I joined server after he joined and crashed it. There screenshot,I specifically cut out cuz i have problems with internet,and we gone.
  10. Eren


    Ban hackers forever and add account log in
  11. the hackers are still a problem and they haven't gotten any better