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Found 45 results

  1. Since we already knew that theres a low chance of fixing or turning PVP back to normal.. I suggest Melee Combat Must be change.Pls make SPEAR/METAL SPEAR have melee attack? Or even add a melee weapon like SWORD? (Revolver Ammo .44 ) Change the Crafting recipe of it? Instead of 2 gunpowder and 2metal frags ,make it 1gunpowder and 1frags?? Cause revolver is A very usefull weapon but. Its a waste of Rescourses and time to craft it, thats why most of players dont craft or use revolver. Thank you ,
  2. Игрок: Хуеплот; ._.ХуЕпЛёТ!! Сервер: [EU][0.3] Oxide #1 Описание: Данный игрок использует такие читы, как Flying, Speedhack, Wallhack. Особенность этого читера состоит в том, что он использует два аккаунта: первый- Хуеплот (основной), на котором крайне редко использует читы, чтобы его не забанили; и второй- ._.ХуЕпЛёТ!! (запасной), на котором он использует читы и нечестным способом получает ресурсы и скидывает все на первый аккаунт. У меня есть два доказательства, что это правда один и тот же игрок: 1) у этих игроков очень похожие ники. 2) скриншот (2шт, смотреть чат). IMG_3403.MOV Я надеюсь, что вы отнесетесь с пониманием к проблеме большинства игроков и поможете нам. (Конкретно я говорю про то, что бан на одном из аккаунтов читера не сильно навредит ему, так как он может создать с легкостью новый. Поэтому можно было бы сделать бан «по железу»).
  3. I know this Problem is not new. If this is a bug or intentional , so that u can fix the aimbot problem . Pls can u tell us when this Broken Pvp will be Fix? Or not? Cause This game is most focus on PVP, specailly on me. Cause most of my Contents are Pvp . Btw if u dont aware whats happening , the problem is when a player moving and u shoot him, player wont take any damage unless he stand still. Plss fix dear devs
  4. player: Глеб1234erf server: [EU] [0.3] oxide #1 description: the cheater in the city got into the wall textures and killed everyone. IMG_3441.MOV IMG_3442.MOV IMG_3443.MOV
  5. If u wondering why is over cut video. Is because of (Max total size 48.8) i can post the full vid. lv_0_20220507232552.mp4 They look like just chillin and gathering all, that look like theres no working anti cheat system. lv_0_20220507232552.mp4 lv_0_20220507232552.mp4
  6. Hello u will just remind whats happening in our server ok? So pls if someone here will comment a nonsence or tell me to stop posting just pls , this topic is not for u. Im playing on us server one. We met a hacker chinese, and everyday he kill a player with rockets no hesitate ,even NAKED i think hes duplicating rockets,,, And raided all of the base on our server. Pls if some encountered this on US1. Pls comment here, I will try to take a video of this soon. #InfiniteRockets/Duplicateitems/Hacks
  7. When the server restart the ceiling light always disapearing. Hope will be fix. Cz server restart on our server is often ,
  8. У игрока странный ник, который не получается ввести на раскладке. (Никнейм виден на обоих видео) Сервер: [EU][0.3] oxide #1 Игрок постоянно использует speedhack, high jump, на видео доказательствах лишь некоторые моменты. IMG_3368.MOV IMG_3367.MOV
  9. 1° - Correção: corrigir o tempo de manutenção do gabinete. O tempo não está funcionando, fica parado e só atualiza quando retiramos os recursos e os recolocamos no gabinete. Sem contar que as vezes o gabinete não reconhece que tem recursos dentro. 2° - Correção: diminuir o alcance do som quando está batendo no barril, dos itens desaparecendo, de quando está batendo em um porta de ferro e de quando se pega os itens. E também corrigir o som da escopeta, que está muito alto e é bem ruim. 3° - Correção: corrigir o reparo da parede de pedra e de ferro, pois se usa madeira ao invés do material da parede. 4° - Correção: corrigir o espaço para colocar a fornalha e a bigorna. É necessário espaço além do tamanho dos móveis para colocar dentro da base. O espaço do baú e do gabinete estão corretos. 5° - Correção: corrigir quando se resgate a porta ou o gabinete com fechadura para o inventário, a fechadura some. 6° - Correção: corrigir quando resgata a fornalha, gabinete e baú com itens para o inventário. Os itens somem ao invés de ficarem no chão. 7° - Correção: corrigir quando o saco com itens fica rolando no chão e o jogador não consegue pegar, precisa esperar o saco parar. É bastante irritante. 8° - Correção: corrigir o atraso da flecha quando disparada pelo arco. 9° - Correção: corrigir os botões de demolir construções e de coletar móveis, pois não aparecem na configuração de mudar os botões do hud. 10° - Correção: corrigir a fumaça da fornalha de longe, fica preta e grande, facilitando a observação. Remover a luz que a fornalha (funcionando) faz fora da base, não faz sentido. 11° - Correção: corrigir quando estiver fechando ou abrindo o portão, a física do portão simplesmente não funciona. 12° - Correção: corrigir a marcação no mapa. Quando o jogador marca uma localização, desconecta do jogo e entra novamente no servidor a marcação não permanece. Deveria permanecer.
  10. player:itzSimVol_YT FullSizeRender.MOV server: [EU][0.3] oxide #1 using speedhacks, threatenes to use AIM. At this video u can see he’s nickname and full proofs.
  11. IMG_7219.MOV People are leaving the game because of hackers , I hate to ask but when will it end . The name of the person in the video is on top of the list he has multiple accounts also , and at least 2-3 other hacker friends all with Chinese names on US 3 !
  12. Hello, sometimes people build bases for eachother, so I think it woild be cool if you made a option that could enable others saving your map, since it would make things alot easier.
  13. Why are you taking 2 years to update the game sandbox 3d again please update it again and more cars with different notices and make the have a exhaust and at least 4 more guns with differnt sounds anymkre building stuff and rotation of building and take of the build limit and fix the hacks find a solution to fix them permanently
  14. Darkspy


    Hello I just have 2 suggestion 1_ pls get harder make rocket its just need 100 gunpowder and its so easy to make, players cant make good home to dont raid because rocket is so easy to make 2_pls get make cooldown for lefting game All players is scared in pvp, they left game in pvp ,i just miss my ammos Thank you for reading
  15. XRecorder_23022022_160423(0)(0)(0).mp4 XRecorder_23022022_160423(0)(0)(0).mp4
  16. This has been a several months ongoing issue not only for me, but several others as well. When will this be fixed? I'd like to stop creating new accts. Attached is the issue. Screen_Recording_20220216-175602_DualSpace.mp4
  17. Sans9750

    Game crash

    cuando juego en nuestro servidor. 2 i talkimg y el juego aparece en negro y cuando traté de jugar de nuevo, la falla vuelve a aparecer
  18. The game is kept showing that fialed to refresh server list but I refresh it many times it didn't work my network connection is also strong but game not working properly Please fix it as soon as possible SVID_20220203_071728_1.mp4
  19. Sometimes when I put a key lock on a door, it is placed but it does not appear on the door and I cannot interact with it either.
  20. 1. Wooden signs (to color, make art, or label with clan tags). Ranging from small -50 wood to craft, medium 100 wood to craft and large signs 200 wood to craft. Maybe make it lockable so no one can color/edit over or just tc accessible. 2. Stone walls (not climb able). 3. More items to buy in the shop (other than just Christmas items) (The wooden signs would be a big hit for sure!) People can craft a ton, make a art gallery or decorate their bases (inside and out). We could hold contests for best art ❤ or exchange in game currency (metal/sulfer) for a master artist to paint. The sky's the limit with wooden signs. Thanks for reading.
  21. Rdpitybu


    Nick: naosougringo Server: BR #2 Frases racistas: "clã de macacos" "tudo bando de preto fudido" Ele escreveu mais frases racistas, eu que só consegui tirar print destas. Gostaria que ele fosse banido, obrigado pela atenção! O Nick dele é "naosougringo". coloquei novamente agora porque bugou o nome depois da postagem. Estou editando.
  22. I dunno how to explain it other than showing the video. And I have other witnesses that say he's hacking with 2 other players. On server eu 8. ☆EPEC☆ but with different formated letters. VID_162380430_233844_954.mp4
  23. Why should I play our make gun when enemy get left game because damage and game nit have sleep mod how get pvp?