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Found 255 results

  1. Please Report this hacker they change name but i have evidence in id number: 480DEC9281B2B9CE. I hope addressed it. Thank you...
  2. Este es el jugador se cambio de nombre me mato a 48.9m Estaba farm scrap y me mato a rifle
  3. ID B4CC67BE1245C4BF ID ED0B32AD977A1CD5 Ник:[MT] Ниндзя ID 9D6C5A158905D956 Ник: легкий ID 85716905C2B9173B Ник: КУБUК Ник: неуч. Ник: [BTR] ADOM ID 492B685CB09DAE97 Читеры с Телекилом, спидхак, и аим Прошу забанить гадов видео и скрин доказательства снизу Видео доказательства
  4. The game is not working, I cant open the game, It says Request Timout, Both of my Phone cant play rght nowz whats happening
  5. Catsbit if you already put the anti z just want to tell you that Magic Bullet got update too in just a short time, What will you do now, Are you gonna fight back? And Update your Anti hack too?
  6. Unplayable ,No point playing Oxide Time 7:45pm
  7. Uses magic bullets and sprints. If I could put the video, I could show it more clearly that it was cheating. ID:725C1BF6E66F6348 If there is a cheat even on the Prime server, the anti hacking system is not enough.
  8. Update loses its importance,Cheats reappear in Telegram groups.You must sue the founders who wrote the cheat, or it will not be possible to completely eliminate this problem. Mam nadzieję, że znajdziesz rozwiązanie.
  9. Баг работает только на серверах с большим пингом, баг невидимый и бессмертный, я проверил с двумя телефонами этот баг, другие игроки видят как ты сидишь на диване. Видео:
  10. Cheating organizations are making fun of you I hope the anti hack system is durable
  11. Hi dear developers, I want to become an admin who will monitor the on servers I have experience in this field, will I monitor cheaters and ban them if you are interested in something or have any questions? Contact with me via telegram > @HelqeOffical
  12. Go close ur server catsbit🖕
  13. Go close ur server catsbit🖕
  14. Go close ur server catsbit🖕
  15. Go close ur server catsbit🖕
  16. Go close ur server catsbit🖕
  17. Go close ur server catsbit🖕
  18. Go close ur server catsbit🖕
  19. Go close ur server catsbit🖕
  20. Go close ur server catsbit🖕
  21. ID EF9A784383524DEE Ban this player, you can check the system for his hits and speed of shots. Jumps to the 3rd floor and speedhack. +Kills in a second .
  22. What happening Servers dont load right now @Catsbit.Care
  23. Hello developer,I want to transfer donations from my main account ID:E5A9F47567611AF0 To a new account ID: BC59192F04EB91D4 Donat purchase screenshots sent to you in private messages.
  24. I got kill from auto aim cheater he id : 6D0FE4F37CA8660E he was in server EU #75
  25. I find hacker clan they all use cheat auto aim the clan name its (krt) they often play in server EU#75 some member id from hacker clan : A550CC97756612F9