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  1. @XGamerYT @WAX @Welynprint @Chuckruts @LancerO Could you explain me what's wrong with this player? Why so many people are mad at him? Does he bother you? Can you provide with some proof? Please don't tell about all this youtuber stuff
  2. We just don't want to promise in case something goes wrong while releasing
  3. He's already banned, i wrote it in the previous message.
  4. Catsbit.Care

    Fix these

    Hi, Yes, we know this bug. Thanks!
  5. Sorry, but I see no proof of him walking through walls. Btw the game is always so glitchy on your device or just cause of recording?
  6. You're absolutely right But we are where we are
  7. We already have it in our another game. It doesn't work so efficiently.
  8. Thanks, he's banned for toxic language.
  9. Thanks, this player is banned.
  10. Thanks, this player is already banned.
  11. Thanks for the report, this player is banned for cheating.
  12. Thanks for the report, this player is banned.
  13. Thank you so much for your writing! You refered to a very important issue. You are right, the balance in the game is a bit broken, it's easy to get everything you want, what makes the game not so exciting and strategic. We came up to another way, you will see in the next updates.
  14. Hi, the idea is not new we are planning to add a discord server at the moment just no time to make it and control, maybe after the update btw, only @Catsbit.Care and @Catsbit.Dev are moderators.
  15. Catsbit.Care


    Thanks! We'll see how it plays out.
  16. This player is banned, thanks.
  17. Hi, I understand you are disapointed of loosing all your stuff But without some video record I can't check the actions of this player
  18. Thanks, this player is banned for cheating.