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  1. Hi there, Thanks for describing your bugs. The update is in progress
  2. Hi there, We are planning to fix/add a lot of things, that's why the update takes so much time. Please stay tuned for our news
  3. Hi there, Sorry for the delayed answer. There were technical problems in the game, now all the servers work properly. Sorry
  4. Hi there, In the next update we will be able to check out every player's chat in case of report and ban.
  5. We have hit sounds and you can add friends
  6. Catsbit.Care

    New Uptade

    Hi there, We are planning to fix/add a lot of things, that's why it takes so much time. We speak English, French, Russian, Polish, you can express in any of these languages
  7. Thanks for your feedback. The update is in progress. I hope that after it you will have more fun in the game.
  8. What kind of hackers have you seen?
  9. Hi there, Yes, we already know that there is such a problem and sorry that you encounter it. At the moment I can suggest you not to play the game until the new update is released. We are going to fix it
  10. Catsbit.Care


    Yes, this is regularly done. Why do you ask?
  11. At the moment this is impossible. The point is that servers are created on users' devices.
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    Hi, Thanks for describing your bug. Have you tried to play our new game Oxide:Survival Island? This is the one based on Survival Simulator, there are a lot of things fixed and added in this game in comparison with SS
  13. @Todinho.YT @Andre Thanks for good ideas!
  14. @Xsakhie @Firestar9990 @survival simulater fan Hi there, Yes, updating walls is exactly what we are planning to add in the next update
  15. Catsbit.Care

    Bug serve

    Hi there, Sorry, we are not good in Portuguese As far as I understood, you don't see any servers Please click refresh, because everything works correctly
  16. Добрый день, исправим
  17. Hi there, It is actually the opposite, we are encouraged The work is still in progress, because there's a lot of work to do on the server and client side
  18. What device do you play the game on?
  19. Decay of buildings fixed
  20. Привет Пока из этих идей будет реализовано улучшение построек
  21. Hi there, If you talking about Oxide: Survival Island (not Survival Simulator) this is pretty impossible. I can suppose that you would have mistaken your server for another one, have forgotten the exact place or someone else has destroyed your house
  22. Sorry, I don't really get what it means "I hope you give me case of the opinion of my friends". Could you say it differently?