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  1. Hi there, Thank you for letting us know
  2. A lot of players want this limit to be removed. Yes, I think, we will do it
  3. Frankly speaking, we have tested this process and we haven't found any error. Have you tried to builld another house, do you have the same problem? Btw please precise the device you play on
  4. Hi there, What interesting features do you mean?
  5. Catsbit.Care


    Have you clicked on the button Suicide?
  6. The game is now available on App Store!
  7. Hi there, We haven't decided yet what will be added in the nearest update and what will be added later Probably we will share this list with players as soon as we do it
  8. we will fix it, this is an error
  9. Hi there, System of building improvement will be added in the nearest updates. As for looting, we have created a poll in Questions in order to ask other players' opinion
  10. Добрый день, Планируем добавить в ближайших обновлениях.
  11. Please choose one of the options above. Thank you!
  12. возможно добавим, проведем опрос игроков
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    Hi, It looks like a server problem. We will try to find the source of the problem while next servers restart
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    Hi, Please precise your nickname in the game in order to check it out
  15. Hunting rifle requires shell
  16. Hi there, Yes, these are our nearest plans
  17. Update 0.1.1 is available on Google Play! What's new - Fixed placement of items; - Slightly improved optimization (we continue to work on it); - Fixed display of nicknames over players; - Fixed respawn of wooden boxes with loot; - Fixed glow of building structures at night; - Stone hatchet: resources for crafting have been reduced from 20 sticks and 10 stones to 10 sticks; - Changed ground coverage at the Abandoned Factory;
  18. Not in our plans for Oxide
  19. @Firestar9990 @Long123 Now it works!
  20. Hi there, I'm suggesting you to review the fixed version of the game in 1-2 days You can find bottles of water in loot barrels in the locations
  21. русский язык, киянка, система улучшения зданий
  22. Hi there, Thanks for screenshots So, we have already fixed some of bugs you show (furnace, loot, grass). The game is on its way to moderation There are bottles of water in loot
  23. Исправили критические баги, оправляем на модерацию в Google Play и App Store
  24. Мы хотим, чтобы эти 2 проекта были разными и ,соответственно, развивались по-разному Грубо говоря, Oxide будет больше похоже на Rust, тогда как SS больше на The Forest
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    The game

    Thanks, we will test it too