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  1. Hi there, The campfire can be broken by arms (assault rifle, revolver, shotgun, hunting rifle).
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    Update Add

    Hi there, You have also sent a personal message. Hope you got our answer there.
  3. Hi there, Thanks for your thoughts! We will take them into consideration.
  4. Hi there, What an interesting idea!
  5. Hi there, No problem, thanks for being so attentive to details
  6. Hi there, Great suggestions, we will benefit of them, thank you!
  7. Hi there, We have a bigger project in mind on the basis of our Survival Simulator game. But shh.. it is to be kept secret Follow our updates, we will put all our cards on the table soon.
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    Hi again, Thank you for writing. We will test it again on your devices.
  9. Hi there, Do you really mean the game Off-road: Forest?
  10. Hi there, Please precise your phone model and mark. Did you observe this problem one time or many?
  11. Hi there, As the server is created on your own device, all the resources are saved in the inventory, whether you recreate a server or join another one.
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    Hi there, Please precise your friend's phone model and mark and yours. Did you observe this problem just one time or many times?
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    Добрый день, Спасибо за идеи)
  14. Добрый день! Благодарим за ваше предложение!
  15. Добрый день, Благодарим за предложение.
  16. Hi there, Thanks, well noted.
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    Hi there, Please describe your problem in more details.
  18. Thanks for suggestions!
  19. Hi there, Please precise your phone mark and model.
  20. Hi there, As far as I understood, you loose all the items when you quit the game. And the same thing happens when you put things in your storage box, am I right?
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    Hi there, Thanks for your idea!
  22. Добрый день, Раньше такая проблема не наблюдалась? Проверьте Ваше Интернет-подключение, может вылетать именно из-за того, что пропадает Интернет.
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    Hi there, Unfortunately we have to acknowledge that with the version of the game certain players lost their progress or a part of them. We are very sorry. This problem will be eliminated with further updates.
  24. Hi there, Thanks for your ideas!
  25. Hi there, As far as I understood, you don't like the point that when you die, you loose your inventory and even other players can't benefit of it?