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Found 64 results

  1. Rdpitybu


    Foi bastante inútil terem adicionado o buggy e o helicóptero, esses veículos vieram com muitos bugs (que vai acumular mais trabalho) e apenas ajudou a quem tem dinheiro. Vocês da Catsbit poderiam ter adicionado o cavalo, seria um meio de locomoção para todos e mais fácil de programar/desenvolver. Se adicionaram esses dois veículos por questão de dinheiro, apenas poderiam ter colocado skins e o prime. O PVP do jogo precisa de ajustes, algumas armas do jogo precisa de ajustes também, fora vários bugs que até hoje não foram resolvidos. O jogo não pode atualizar a cada 2 meses (eu sei das dificuldades do projeto e etc), mas se continuar nesse ritmo teremos apenas mais 3 atualizações para esse segundo semestre. Esse jogo pode está se encaminhando para ter o mesmo destino que o Survival Simulator (sinceramente, eu não quero isso).
  2. Rdpitybu


    A próxima atualização só chegará daqui a 2 meses ? Eu sei das limitações da sua equipe e dos inúmeros desafios desse projeto, mas se a cada 2 meses vim uma atualização com poucas novidades, logo o Oxide terá o mesmo destino do Survival Simulator (é algo que não desejo).
  3. Rdpitybu


    Futuramente os veículos ficarão gratuitos ? Eu tenho uma sugestão para o helicóptero. Poderia ter mais um assento do passageiro (não igual do Rust), que seria atrás da hélice e o passageiro poderia girar esse assento.
  4. :::


    My YT is LOLganGAMER15, this is not a promo, but a player on US 1 named AAAA (Weird symbol which is an A in a box) is duping rockets and killed everyone in the server. I have half of it recorded. I haven’t seen hacks like this every before. Please ban this horrible player. BTW as of now it is still uploading. @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev
  5. @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev , We have waited over a month with literally no news. I understand how hard it is for the small group of devs to do this, but the game is utterly broken right now. One of your forums users, Aony, has made *some* timeframes about the update, but it still has been 3 months without an actual rough update time. Please tell us as I can’t handle these rockets and hackers anymore.
  6. FYI, this is not very important regarding the latest issues, but I do think it should be known. When are we gonna get voice chat on IOS? What is the communities views on it? That’s what I want to know.
  7. Rdpitybu


    Os edifícios da cidade podiam ser acessíveis para os jogadores, também poderia ter caixas dentro dos galpões e etc. Uma forma de deixar a cidade mais interativa e atrativa. Também ajeitar a cor da neve, está muito branca.
  8. Rdpitybu


    Essa fumaça preta é um bug quando uma fornalha está funcionando e alguém de longe olha. Isso facilita na identificação de fornalhas funcionando e consequentemente aumenta a probabilidade de ser invadido. Também tem a fumaça normal (quando se olha de perto) e a luz (que a fornalha funcionando faz fora da base) que também ajuda na identificação. Gostaria que esses bugs fossem resolvidos. Se isso fosse corrigido, apenas seria possível saber se a fornalha está funcionando se chegasse perto e ouvisse.
  9. Rdpitybu


    O que seria isso, Catsbit ? Fui informado que vocês venderam uma cópia do Oxide para um empresa russa. Isso é verdade ? Se for, poderia explicar mais ?
  10. Yesterday, postushny you found out that the anti-cheat and the fact that the damage does not regrow, they lie down and have a common anti-cheat, you just don’t understand. And in the same number it is assumed the possibility of observing the invaders. I can suggest you to remake the anti-cheats and make it so that it doesn’t kick and inform you that the player’s data uses cheats, and you can follow him through the admin panel, and if you suspect that you will ban him. I DONT DO IT, and this is just a suggestion to do so, so don't judge me too harshly maybe my idea or release will be a good suggestion for you, then please reply to this that I suggested to you.!! I'll be waiting
  11. :::

    Collision Bug

    Dear Catsbit, I have recently been having trouble with the new collision system you guys put inside of the update. Whenever you are up close between two objects, you will hover in place and not be able to move. I have lost countless hours and resources due to this bug because people would just look at me and shoot me in the face. I hate getting stuck here. This happens around the toilets inside of the gas station, boxes inside of the town, and ramps that lead up to foundations. Please fix the collision system. I can’t take dying to even more bugs. Best regards, :::.
  12. Разработчики, исправьте возможность рейдить кирками стены, или добавьте больше ударов с кирки для железной стенок и дверных проемов. Так как железные стенки быстро ломаются от кирки. И с помощью этого соло или дуо чел может за пару часов выселить топ дом все во за пару десяток кирок. Если вы задумались над этим, то скажите пожалуйста ваши след действия с этим???
  13. The pickable items is usefull but, u need to fix something on it. If a Base has no TC, u can EASILY pickup (DOORS With CODELOCKS,) Thats so anoying. Make it unable to remove a door with a CODELOCK/KEYLOCK on it, if its not your locks.
  14. No kicking system?? The hacker is Destroying our server right now...They can fly on the top of our roof and then destroy our TC..From outside. Then?? they use hammer to remove the doors and take all the loot Easily. NICE And Guns dont make any damage at all, U need to Headshot a player to make damage, So im happy for the AIMBOT AUTO HEADSHOT CHEATER
  15. Hello I wanna Ask question, do you ban cheaters od evidence is before update?
  16. Adversary is not taking damage from a rifle, I hit shots and every shot the character tanks, it's like hearing an ore stone protecting the opponents.
  17. I update the game. Nothing has change and i see hackers.. and only EU servers...
  18. Redezin br uses the bug for kill me every time when i build house
  19. Zabante please Cheater server 44 aim kills through the walls nik zqrndndn 20220416_360p.mp4
  20. hello to all the players and developers of the game .this is no good anymore Cheaters have developed new cheats where there is no chance for ordinary players to play .soon the players will leave the game and I 'm starting to think about it . finally fix the anti-cheat or the system in the game where cheats will not work.
  21. HarMing


    Pls ban SAMURAI_1377 AND MaRiXyAnA3 Hackers
  22. US3 1. hacker that I didn’t have time to record and take pictures of for proof: Hope anony come to US3 to record and take a picture of them while they are hacking. Also my phone is lagging if im record. Hope you understand me. 2. Someone tried to hack:
  23. I want to know if the next update is coming What is missing for this update came soon? I'm 2 weeks without playing waiting for an update to play me @Catsbit.CarePlease answer me