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Found 238 results

  1. Salim:(

    New update

    Can you give us some information about next update (lumberjack) or date did the recycler It will exist in this update? There are wipe in the next update ?
  2. Excuse me, why do you only visit the site on Thursday nights? I wish you could visit the site every night and banning the fraudsters
  3. the admin system is the best idea you make a server for sale any player can buy her own server and the admin can't bann cheter for perment they can only bann cheter from her server and make the Distinctive report for the admin if you add this Your game will change 180 degrees
  4. Why don't you provide any update news? Please gather, otherwise we have to say goodbye to this game We are addicted to this game, please don't let this game be ruined by mother damn hackers 🥺Почему вы не предоставляете никаких обновлений? Пожалуйста, соберитесь, иначе нам придется попрощаться с этой игрой. Мы зависимы от этой игры, пожалуйста, не позволяйте этой игре испортить проклятые хакеры. 🥺
  5. Bella

    Stone nodes

    Please change back the stone nodes to 100 per rock instead of 50 as it’s so hard to maintain upkeep for big stone bases as now it’s too hard to farm enough stone and also the tool cupboards slots are too few and you can only keep upkeep for a few hours cause the upkeep is so expensive and you need more stone in the tc per day than what the tc slots allow
  6. Why is the timer for demolishing builds so short???? It’s only like one minute? Please increase to always able to demolish or at least a few hours as people always accidentally make accidents when creating bases or want to change something or it gets blocked and can’t upgrade a wall anymore cause something is in the way so please remove the demolishing timer so we can edit our bases and fix mistakes, we could also keep our heli safe in our bases with the demolish timer removed as we could roof our heli in and break roof when we need to fly out, this would stop hackers breaking our helis every few mins.
  7. Bella

    Heli hp

    Please increase the hp of helicopters as hackers just come and break everyone’s heli so easily, if the heli costs 150 metal why is it only 100hp when a metal wall is only 30 metal? What is that logic? We paid for heli WHICH WAS EXPENSIVE and hackers can just come and ruin the heli in one minute?
  8. Make it so that you can only play oxide if you install from Google play or Apple store so hackers won't be able to download/use cheats @Catsbit.Care
  9. Where is He's sick or something because they dont come to the cuminity from a long time
  10. If player create more 3 acount in 1 mobile to create the 4 acount they need your acceptance and say in a message why they create all this acount and where is your 3 acount and you go see if there acount got banned or no I think this is helpful to remove 80% from cheter
  11. Bella


    Pls add admins that are trusted players that should be given the ability to ban players IMMEDIATELY themselves and develop contracts with the admins so they can only ban players that are 100% hacking and otherwise they will be banned themselves for wrongly banning. Or at least add private servers where the creator has the ability to ban players themselves. Pls trial admins on prime server at least first. You could even make CC Anony an admin for prime as he already helps you with the game so he is a trusted player who would be able to ban players. Please please consider this while you keep developing the anti cheat as hackers will be banned immediately by admins and they will start to give up. I myself would happily be an admin for free and I would record everyone for that I ban for you to keep on file so so there would be no misused bannings.
  12. Anti cheat completely not working now all hackers back to normal speed hacking killling in one shot nothing we can do so I’m quitting and all my friends are too we all paid for prime and we want our money back every five minutes hacker speeds up to us or goes invisible one shots us even With full armour and we die so… completely unplayable I think most people are giving up and quitting now there is so many options you have to sort this out you could’ve got in contact with hacker dev, you could’ve added admins, you could’ve worked on the anti cheat A YEAR AGO its too late now hackers have ruined the game it’s totally 100% unplayable unless you stay inside your base and never go outside you can’t even play anymore.
  13. Bella

    Prime anti cheat

    Hacker banning isn’t working on prime yet does server need to restart? @Catsbit.Care
  14. Hi catsbit I’m posting here since you only apparently check this panel you were away for a week and when you came back on the forum you ignored the hundreds of people asking about the hacking you ignored all the thousands of player reports all you replied to and clearly took notice to is bug reports…… I want to quit this is not how a dev should act at ALL. PAY ATTENTION TO THE HACKING BEFORE EVERYONE QUITS. How could you ignore and not even do anything about the hundreds of players upset about the hacking and the reports of hackers????? WHATS THE POINT OF US REPORTING HACKERS WHEN YOU DONT EVEN CHECK THEM? This is so rude honestly you clearly do not care about us at all. PLEASEEEE can you PLEASE give us some sort of idea when the anti cheat will be released or updated or if you’ve even started working on it yet, are we going to have to wait years? Like other players have said other games have already found ways to make anti cheat so it is possible.
  15. Player using a speed hack and aimbot killing everyone in server #45 player ID- 6FE88F1A8B3D161A
  16. TAKDAT

    Hacker Us3

    CF5DE09B2780EE3 This dude Ta1Sa YT using all the hacks, gliding through the air, spider, aimbot n also has gun in hand but using pics at the same time
  17. UID: F2FDE4048F5CC435 C6D33049F839FCE2 C0C0653F09C9D32D AIM AND SPEED-HACK
  18. E3942412375BA91C mg1 hacker will banned shortly
  20. ID:18CEB34EEFADA49B Pls banning hacker server 1 us
  21. ID:18CEB34EEFADA49B Pls banned hacher server 1 us
  22. Good afternoon, Oxide developers, please ban the cheater under ID: C68D38047343B1AF, he uses aim, esp, air jump, this video only shows air jump. proof: