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Found 165 results

  1. Читеры стреляют только в голову с автонаводкой, ходят сквозь стены, некоторые игроки играют с читерами в команде!
  2. Some suggestions: 1. Triangle stair 2. Ladder 3. Roof 4. No automatic door close
  3. Ходит сквозь стены , плюс убил меня с аимом!
  4. This game used to be fun, then catsbit stopped caring about there players and people spending money on this game while they make money and allow hackers to over run this game. It is unplayable. This game will never be fixed until admins are added to the game until then this game is trash.... you made money off of people and basically hustled them because whats the point of playing if every minute your getting killed by another hacker. It's fucking ridiculous plain and simple. Step your game up and stop being lazy plain and simple
  5. I wish they would realize that they are making playing the game literally a waste of time, even if you are the zerg of some server and have the best base on the server it doesn't matter, hackers will do everything to raid you . A base doesn't matter how good it is with the number of hackers, it doesn't matter what base you make, you're out and if in your base neither your things nor you are sure what sense the construction system has... They have to put an end to the spider hack and other hacks or your game will be a waste of time for those of us who really dedicate many hours to the game legally, the objective of the game is to have hacks since there are no administrators to simply control them, they are taking advantage and they are causing the true legal zerg to end up going to other survival games or end up uninstalling the same one and that the dynamics of the server is absurd if every 5 minutes you run into a hacker on any server you go to it is a waste of time to play right now for your legal users.
  6. I dont know do they will get ban or naa but they scared me haha. I dont hv the first kid id but ill send it after h got it. First kid name: milan.. Id: sorry, i did not got it Second kid name: JHONNY SING Id: D6315D92618D881D Here first kid proof: Second kid proof:
  7. Dyane Junlap

    Tc cost

    Can u make the tc have more space? Maybe like 2×8 or make the cost more cheaper
  8. 970BF7BC8FB02443 There's so many Russian hacker's now getting ridiculous, this dude using aimbot and i was chasing me, wasnt even facing me when he killed me with AR, he was shooting in the air 😞
  9. Читер с аимом.
  10. So here i wanna make a base like rust base but something went wrong when i start to build it. Heres the photo I cant put the foundation and idk why. I cant put a solid foundation beside triangle foundation. Here's some base that we can build. A lot of people make this base and there some bug that we can put wall on the corner. And here's too But, we cant build base like this. And here's the base that i want to build but i cant because of the bug. I really want to build it but yeah i cant. So i hope u fix the bug on putting the solid foundation beside of triangle foundation and others bug that have connection with base.
  11. ID: A2363412467A9A52 Server: US #26 Proof:
  12. Читер с аимом!
  14. Залез на территорию с помощью Чита, пытался вылезти через забор , но не успел)
  15. Proof:
  16. I messaged catsbit care & dev but they didn't read it yet so I'm gonna post it here Cheater has AIMBOT and SPEED HACK on US server #1 Name: [FF] KLAN ID: 36111D7D8216DD90 VIDEO LINK:
  17. TAKDAT


    E1B1F2438278DC6E Using aimbot, Ar
  18. Читер,использующий очень видный АИМ,Бьет без промаха,Также когда бегаешь вокруг него,его очень быстро крутит,прошу забанить его,сервер 97ЕU,айди,доказательства 👇