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  1. What's the rest of the update if you don't mind
  2. Ignat_06 I have footage And I can get more 20220419_720p.mp4
  3. Ignat_06 I have footage
  4. Thank you lol spread awareness lol
  5. Yo as soon as I report him I came back to the server and I was getting ready to do something now the whole server knows he's cheating I don't need proof
  6. Lol It's something that if gon unchecked getting hacks will be the only way to actually have fun
  7. So I think it's time we all really talk about the hacker problem it's getting overwhelmingly out of hand most of my more recent experiences are as follows (loads in to sever ready to grind and make plays only to spawn in walk around lose everything to a relentless speed hacker or see a player try to make a play and kill him so you can get loot like the game is supposed to go your run up to him turns out he has speed hacks and you're either forced to die or forced to combat log) Just getting really hard to get content or even just play to have fun with how many hackers are on every server I could guess they're at least 20 to 30 players using hacks on 50 player size servers that's majority and usually over half of the server there are real players who refuse to use heads and want to experience the game the way it was supposed to be and honestly before any content update or anything in my opinion this needs to be dealt with not even completely if not possible if they take those 20 to 30 players per server and knock it down to 10 or 15 it would make a drastic difference
  8. Yo I feel personally it's not a good idea to split your fan bad it causes extra controversy such as "pvp is way better that pve servers" and the other way around it divide a fan base on the same platform It will cause you to change way you planned when making this game when you hear (Oxide) you should think of the exact excitement you love about the game's movement, crafting, fighting other players because if you don't you will die "PVE" ruins what you wanted to create a unique mobile version of RUST we can all play for free
  9. I had the recording but my dumb ass didn't see your reply at the time
  10. Still not able to play please give us any type of heads up I'm sure we would all appreciate it hope to hear from Yall soon
  11. For some reason my serverless will not refresh no matter what I do and everything with my internet works are they down?
  12. Have you seen my new YouTube video on oxide?
  13. You go check out my new video on oxide Fresherfilly
  14. There's no way lol I was so sure it has so many similarities and same item models for certain things