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  1. I think you should maybe add some 2x servers.
  2. Kinda same, i was about to finish my metal internal bunker.
  3. No, that would be pay2win.
  4. Well it's understandable, you're a small indie mobile developer team. It's just kind sad i have to farm all that scrap all over again.
  5. C'mon man u could've announce that a bit earlier....
  6. Multigatawny

    Server wipe

    Same, US9 got wiped outta nowhere and i lost all my research. Maaan i just unlocked rocket launcher and rockets like 2h ago...
  7. Well i lost like 10h of work but still losing almost every researched item feels bad. I was only missing high external walls, high external gate and improved metal door. I just unlocked rocket launcher and rockets like 2h ago maaan...
  8. Hello, Like the title says, US9 server just got wiped for some reason, I lost all my research and my base. Was that a scheduled wipe?
  9. Sorry my fault, i meant rocket launcher ammo item description is bugged. First half of rockets description is from shotgun slugs, it says it's a "6 pellet shell".
  10. Just like in the title, my cupboard all of the sudden stopped working after one of the server resets yesterday. I play on US9, build me a pretty sweet 3x3 base and everything would be perfect but after one of the resets the cupboard kinda stopped seeing resources I've put in it. Before the reset i had almost 48h of protection, after that it started acting like my cupboard was completely empty and the whole building started to decay. I tried putting stuff in it again, destroying it and placing a new cupboard, tried restarting the game, nothing worked and i had to abandon my base. Am i the only one that experienced this glitch? Other than that game works perfect, well maybe shotgun pellet spread is so bad to actually kill a naked with 1shot you need to literally put the gun to their chest and pray the pellets hit. Also description for rocket launcher is bugged.
  11. Hello, I'd like to talk here a bit about research system and scrap farming, imo it should be rebalanced as soon as possible. First issue i have is farming scrap is extremely time consuming and there's only one way to get it, running around the map in circles looking for barrels to destroy. You get around 2-5 pieces of scrap per barrel, and you need literally hundreds of it to unlock even some basic stuff. As a fresh player on the server before u even unlock metal axe and pickaxe you need a whooping 150scrap! It's way too much! Not to mention good luck farming scrap to unlock something like a gun on a server full of players that already have firearms, its almost impossible, everytime i go ona run i end up killed by someone or just shot at. To unlock a revolver and ammo it uses you literally need hundreds, probably over 300scrap total if you include that u need to have a research table, research hammer then axe then revolver and then bullets. My suggestion for this problem would be either: -add more ways to farm scrap quicker. -lower the research cost on items or make barrels spawn more scrap than they spawn now. -introduce server wipe mechanics, like wipe all the servers every week or even every 5 days so big clans or just assholes cant terrorize everyone once they unlock their guns. -maybe something like reverse-engineering items system? For example if i find a revolver on someone's body i could go to the research table and reverse engineer it so i don't have to unlock it by just farming scrap. I got couple other ideas, but my main point is either make barells drop like twice the amount of scrap they are dropping now, cut the research cost on all items in half or add new ways to get scrap other than just barrels. Btw your game is pretty damn good and it improved a lot since it was released. I love to see your project growing and gaining player recognition. Good job guys!
  12. Hello, I've been playing your game for about 2 days now and i gotta say it has a lot of potential. So far it's still of course pretty bare-bones but well everything gotta start somewhere. I'd like to report bugs and glitches i experienced so far, nothing game breaking but some of them are pretty annoying. I'll add that I'm playing on Xiaomi Mi 9T so you get the general idea of my device specs, game runs super smooth without any framerate stutters. 1. Changing sensitivity in settings don't seem to affect sensitivity in game. 2. I can't really type anything in chat, i can send 1 maybe 2 messages right after i join a server but then everytime i try to write a message it doesn't appear on global chat. I hope this will get fixed really soon because it renders me unable to communicate with other players. 3.Hunting rifle can't be loaded with hunting ammo. 4. If you disconnect from the server while you craft something your crafting queue gets cleared and materials dissapear. 5. Everytime you place a new thing like a furnace, anvil, ceiling light, wooden box in your base the timer and materials in cupboard resets so the base isn't protected no more.