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  1. @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev please give us some response
  2. clone

    Server Asia

  3. clone

    Server Asia

    @Catsbit.Care please add Asia servers it's very hard to play in EU and US servers .
  4. clone

    New skins

    I want POKIMANE skins ? in-game like rust
  5. clone

    Abouts doors

    How can I remove the door to replace a stronger one ?
  6. I can't scroll the list 20211226-1_720p.mp4
  7. clone

    Server issue

    As soon as , add end for a sec glitchy screen occurs and i return to main memu as shown in video @Catsbit.Care
  8. clone

    Server issue

    Man I can't enter into the server 20211226_720p.mp4
  9. clone


    Make a separate option in settings for automatic door close .like { auto door close On / OFF }
  10. clone


    Take some serious action against hackers ? It's is so depressing .
  11. Server EU 7 ( not sure ) Cheater name . Brsnks Pls do something now every second person is using cheats in this game @Catsbit.Care 20211223_720p.mp4
  12. clone


    What was this @Catsbit.Care ?
  13. Using wall hack , speed hack etc. Server EU 3 Pls do something Dev's , numbers of cheaters are increasing day by day 20211221_720p.mp4
  14. clone


    Hello Dev , only 5 days left for Christmas and i hope you will not release the update on 25 December and just say we have put update on Play Store now wait for 1 week more , pls don't ??? for me its like you are my Santa ? and update is a gift for me from you ?hope so you will not disappoint us .i know your pov but it is what it is
  15. clone


    Add fire Arrow
  16. clone

    Rockets Glitch

    In which device you play pc or phone/ipad
  17. @Catsbit.Care this cheater is shooting through foundation IGN : cheekclapper In servers EU10 20211202_480p.mp4
  18. clone

    Fix these

    Please fix this gap between stair and floor because of it I can't place door.There is no problem in place stair in foundation , it occurs while placing on ceiling .if you know this pls ignore it . Waiting for new update ??