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  1. I know this will cause CHAOS and TOXICITY in VOICE CHAT but it's still RECOMMENDED as you creators are tryna remake RUST on mobile, Thank you.
  2. whats that, can I have one
  3. JaughnYT


    Why is there rarely any stone in the green biome, it is really frustrating whenever I travel to snow biome. ( Get it? I travel to snow biome cuz innapropriate haha. )
  4. When I stand in the doorway in between, it kicks me out of the server whenever I close it. Been there many times when I close the door fast. ( Get it? Close the door fast cuz innapropriate things happen hehe )
  5. JaughnYT

    More Armor

    It'll be very nice if there will be new armor like metal armor, swat armor, etc. Right now there are only 3 armor and it needs more. see? lmao it rhymed haha. (armor and more)