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    Is the next update will be publish before December 31?? We need Spoilers about it to make our groups Alive......
  2. received_235685775320572.mp4 received_235685775320572.mp4
  3. TRIO names- "NPC SERVER" "Unknown" "Smileycx" Npc Server is the guy on the ScreenShot. And the two name is his TEAM. Pls ban also his team for Cooperation to a hacker US#4 SERVER.
  4. Us#4 GTG pls ban. Tnx received_278476087417786.mp4
  5. 15 players just agreed to this post , isnt that a proof that hes a toxic guy?? It is just coincidence that we 15people want to ban this player for no reason???come on. Infact we are not on a team , we are random people that vote yes to ban this BONES. Wev'e encountered this Bones. Very bad at the game or even in this forums. U dont need Video or ss for proof.
  6. Its not lag. Maybe u just always get lag and u have a poor cignal .. its not a full video i just cut it to post the proof. Infact this player is already ban like @Catsbit.Care said. And yes im from Philippines but pls stop making information about me .
  7. Ive already post a proof about him. But you believe on his friend that its just a dummy acc. But u cant actualy cant make a same name in the game . Why just accept that hes a bad player at all. Or else u have a relationship with bones. So ur not banning him.......
  8. Pls ban Us#1 XiaoYing_Video_1637986768222.mp4
  9. @Catsbit.Care told ya ,this Guy is a Unknowledge Player .In game or in Forums
  10. Yea ,he a guy that beggs to a youtuber just to player this game, and say talkshit to him even his gf, whats his fighting for??
  11. Hes the best player By disconecting the game while fighting so he can save all hes Loot good job
  12. Dont want to prove anything to you johny. U know that day, u ran and disconnected on the game,thats the real embarass thing you should not do to the game,,,,,,your just a coward guy.
  13. Thanks,, but i dont even care if they dont like post at all haha , they are not the reason why im posting this
  14. I know this problem already posted but ,just a reminder for this bug is so bigdeal about the game, Pls fix this problem together with the next update before of this year. One rocket all the things inside it will Gone Make foundation, wall, ceiling better stronger than doors, ADD a Triangle foundation/wall/ceiling too thanks
  15. Duo names: kyle and Gringo;) They fight in the air , Us#1 server , Pls bann
  16. Does a player can be Ban by confesting itself from using hacks??
  17. Welynprint


    Stash box is where you can put your stuff in it, then you can hide it underneath the terrain so you can easily hide your stuff , its very usefull specially for those players who dont want to depo their loot into their bases, Hope this will be added to the next update , thanks
  18. I just sent u a message , sir if your ineterested Ty
  19. I dunno but look closely to his feet, all cheaters and hacker that ive encountered have this sinking feets , thats all i know, XiaoYing_Video_1636721974714.mp4
  20. If this player will XiaoYing_Video_1636716465277.mp4 not ban of u saw this video , @Catsbit.Care ima stop catching a hacker , pls moderator no more excuses to this. No more question just ban this "KATAKURI" US. #1 server 6:30pm
  21. Bad or good connection , i can still shoot, but if ur a Quiter ,Just to save ur loot, thats a shame Hello fame,
  22. I want you to know , a hacker's feet always sinking in the ground. Look closely ty. Same as WELL8888 that ive already report. I have many encountered by a hackers i know if player hack or not. Ty
  23. Hes playin right now 2:02pm . Pls ban him @Catsbit.Care