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  1. Just Want to say congrats, from reaching this game and so for the developers 1M+, I know that u can Solve this problems on this Cheaters/Hackers Keep up the good work, Hoping for that the next Update will be Ok and Oxide will not died, But it will Rise soon Congrats Oxide/Developers
  2. Yea, This feature is all i wanted since, if this thing added, I hope that theres a possibility to them, to calculate or Include our Past Hours of playing since we Got started.. if that happens bro, Haha we can see who are those OG's in the game and who are not, Hehehe
  3. I feels like my Channel is useless again. Peace out.
  4. Client-side update? Srry but is that inshort of Next Update? Means We deal this broken pvp for a months again?, Kindly pls answer so I can deal with my curiousity, Ty
  5. Last version 0.3.5 , U can only kill A player when its stand still, and when player moves, Theres no damage. And SOUNDS like a ROCK. JUST NOW, its Not making any damage, but not completly , Theres a CHANCE if you hit a player with guns, its Either Make damage or not, its like 30%making damage 70% dealing damage.
  6. HEY @Catsbit.Care devs.. So I start recording, Just now, and I realize that, Something wierd about PVP again... IS IT A BUG?? IS IT JUST SHORT TEMPORARY? ARE WE DEALING THIS AGAIN FOR A MONTHS??? OR IS IT INTENTIONAL AGAIN??-- if Yes, Why??? Because Of Cheaters?? Seriousely? U have only have one worst solution about preventing Hackers/aimbots or who the hell are those Loser using it, F*ck I know u have Only Few of you Developing this game, But REALY? U have to ruined Pvp?? Is there ANOTHER WAY, exept For invaliding guns damage?, U should probobly Reply to us plsssss.... The 0.3.6 Update, Has nothing Important, exept u FIX the Pvp, Other else U said adding something That is Only Who can Afford it, Sucks. Ur game becoming Pay 2 Win.
  7. So i threw all my stuff just to see hes name, cause hes stalking me in distance ,while im farming , He has Aimbot too, he killed me after that, lv_0_20220630063358.mp4
  8. Welynprint

    Update News

    Finally Im looking forward for the better and new gameplay , specially on pvp, and Anti cheat system, Thank You @Catsbit.Dev @Catsbit.Care For your effort to make the game better
  9. nope, that will never happen, The game will going to be bored, lets just stay primitve
  10. I have hope on catsbits word its already 5days since he answered that
  11. Well good to hear that, but its just a Bug fix? Or is it the Update? Thanks for the answer
  12. OH REALY?. But i think unnamed players should be fix.
  13. ALL Unnamed Players are Hacking. Everybody know thats...
  14. Theres already a Charcoal since the game release, Try to burn a wood from a furnace.
  15. Did i said im hurt? Nonsense words = ALL