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  1. @Catsbit.Care its been a long time, You've burried some important plans, We didn't still got Asia server. Ive been suggest this thing a long time. I know hackers are more important but also we badly need a low ping server for us Asians. Прошло много времени, ты похоронил некоторые важные планы, а у нас до сих пор не было азиатского сервера. Я предлагал этот сервер. Я знаю, что хакеры более приоритетны, но нам нужен низкий пинг
  2. Unplayable ,No point playing Oxide Time 7:45pm
  3. Catsbit if you already put the anti z just want to tell you that Magic Bullet got update too in just a short time, What will you do now, Are you gonna fight back? And Update your Anti hack too?
  4. What happening Servers dont load right now @Catsbit.Care
  5. Welynprint


    @Catsbit.Care If you think SAFE ZONE will solve the CHEATER PROBLEM your definitely WRONG, I hope You know what your doing on your game, IF you add SAFEZONE without TRADING SYSTEM inside it, you just wasted your time putting it. Safe Zone must have VENDING MACHINE , RECYCLER, or Try to be UNIQUE add some SAFE INVENTORY where we can ACCESS inside the monument and put our important stuff there. We dont need another Monument that only have Creates. But we actually just want REAL and BETTER ANTI CHEAT, NOT SAFETY PLACE to hide. If you read this message, I hope you realize that We still hoping for the game, even its getting worst evry update👍
  6. Pls banned them! One is Cheating and the one is his teammates its cheating too but the first guy killed me quick ,
  7. HELLO devs👋 I have question About the promise you said in the olden days that U will add a ASIA SERVER I think its now forgotten Since your PAY TO WIN "GUN TURRET" has been SUCCESSFULLY SOLD on a Expensive amount, Probobly Got alot of Budget so ADDING ASIA SERVER would be nice. Ngl Alot of Asian players playing Oxide, So why dont you still not adding Asia server?? We dont need Hundreds pf EU, US SERVER FULL WITH HACKER , PLS ADD ASIA SERVER WE CANT PLAY 400 PING @Catsbit.Care
  8. You can wear a hazmat suit when you already have leather armor or metal armor and it will stack the PROTECTION up to 100% + protection , metal armor nerf is useless if you dont fix this Asap, pls fix it
  9. Welynprint


    You cant use bone club by harvesting animal, if you hit an dead animal you will not gather anyhting but it will lose durability Disable building while sprinting so you cant intentional kick yourself
  10. Also disable Sprinting while building to prevent intentional kick, some other players use wooden foundation to kick their self, Just put a wooden foundtion infront of your character while sprinting and your kicked,