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  1. 2 hours ago, Catsbit.Care said:

    Hi there, 

    We are really sorry for disappointing you. The truth is, we had some personal stuff to struggle with. 

    The update is meant to be released soon, no precise date though. Yes, we are going to cope better with cheaters and add new things. 

    Thank you for your paience and support! We really appreciate that. 


    That word SOON will be next year

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  2. 56 minutes ago, ::: said:

    Welyn bro… it’s me! The kid who used to have ‘bow PvP chad’ in my bio lol. I don’t even play the game anymore, as I don’t like the lack of updates and hackers. I just believe that if we don’t harass them then maybe the update will come faster. I’m sorry man 😢

    Im not mad at anybody, dont sry man. Im just saying the  truth about this irresponsible Developers, 

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  3. 1 hour ago, El Smuz1 said:

    I completely agree with you.I am subscribed to you myself and I know that you shoot good content for oxide players.Developers are irresponsible, they add a couple of things and that's it, it happens that they don't add anything, we buy their product and somehow support them.Yes, the game has a future if the developers listen to us and add what they need, not what they like...I'm tired of dying from cheaters, or wasting bullets on those who just take and disconnect from the server with all the resources.There are a lot of bugs, including a bug with transport, because of which you are simply thrown off the server.Iron armor that makes a person invulnerable.We have been waiting for 3 months, where is the update? I'm sure there will be an anti-cheat that doesn't make sense, a bug fix that doesn't make sense either, because nothing changes, there are a lot of bugs, etc

    Exactly! So dont say @::: that they adding Alot of stuffs on the game, And you said devs making the game better, NOTHING of those thing added is usefull at all, Its all TRASH, Maybe if they just add optimization and Legit anti cheat system would make the game better, @::: you like new things in the game, But you realized how NONESENSE they add, Im sure you also LIKE those PAY TO WIN stuffs in the game thats why you think the devs is on the right path of making the game better, but not at all, Non off them are Usefull, 


    Edited: and also for those who believe on it that its good for the game💯

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  4. 4 hours ago, ::: said:

    They are working hard adding a lot of things and moderators to make the game way better, also, instead of talking trash, maybe just stop playing until they make the update. I for one have tried and failed to make a game and understand how hard it can be, and they don’t deserve your one sided backlash 🤦‍♂️

    You on Devs side, because the favor is on player like you that love boring fight like using full metal armor with medkit then using Bow, But for those alot of players like us, this game is trash even im a youtuber on oxide ill definitely say this game game has potential but developers are not listening on Their players, Thats why the game is TRASH, I bet this update that has been delay for 1month and 3 weeks, Then when it release its just a nonsense thing to added, So dont say devs WORKING HARD, they are really trash and irresponsible And @Catsbit.Care knew that on their self

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  5. 9 minutes ago, Oscar-2 said:

    Well I mean it might not be the devs fault remember last update when iPhone didn’t approve it until like 1-2 weeks 

    If thats the case and not their fault of delayed, and the update is ready, They should Advance the release of the update in the app and play store, So no more delay, Right???

    Its their fault, No one to blame

  6. 20 hours ago, Catsbit.Care said:

    Hi there, 

    unfortunately we are delaying with the update. Sorry for inconvenience.

    Please stay tuned 

    We stay tuned atleast 2months , And stay tune for another more month👍👍👍👍

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  7. 20 hours ago, Catsbit.Care said:

    Hi there, 

    unfortunately we are delaying with the update. Sorry for inconvenience.

    Please stay tuned 

    Your always irresponsible devs, and I think You knew that on yourself...

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  8. This Aimbot knew and ready for himself to get ban. Thats why he has two Account, He will kept his stuff in his other account, Incase He get ban, Pls ban his two account so he can start again , Thank you


    Screenshot_20230212-100644_2.png.78a7295881a403cc9e9d3c5b204389d4.pngBebraaMaster his main accountScreenshot_20230212-100620_1.png.e00fc9299b0ba68205f32a34999ac769.png

  9. Can you pls hide chat, 

    Make team/friens private message

    Make system that if they added you you need to accept the request before seeing you, when you online and where server you playing, 

    It will kept some anoying Players to find what server you playing. And kept the friendly empty so that the old error problem will not occure

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  10. On 1/10/2023 at 7:09 AM, Catsbit.Care said:

    The first one is banned

    Hello catsbits the second guy is using hack too. I know its cutted when he fell down the ground its because i accidentally stop the record so I send you the full video. AND LOOK CLOSELY on (15:00) of the video hes Using CRAB WALK , He SPEED HACKING SIDEWAYS.  i hope u ban him too thanks 


  11. I recieve alot of Ingame chat that I am Cheating. And they said they will report me , and now this happens to me

    I was just running no Lag no fps drop, suddenly Floats in the mid air and Quickly smash me in the ground and died. Luckily i started to record And I cameback where i died  to take my stuff , then its happend again but i got kick mid air, Im sure its not Bug or what. Its seems someone expectating me and tried to toss me mid air to check if i dont take fall damage. 


  12. Ok first of all, I recieve alot of Ingame chat that I am Cheating. And they will report me , and now this happens to me I was just running no Lag no fps drop, suddenly Float in the mid air and Quickly smash my in the ground in died. And I cameback where i died to to take my stuff , then its happend but i got kick, thats unusual thing. Is admin spectating ???


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  13. Hello Devs, Hope u will saw this

    I hope you are already working with this unbalance things with the new update. But if its not yet. 

    I wish You Knew already that METAL ARMOR AND MEDKIT IS VERY Op. specially if you both use them properly.

    METAL ARMOR needs to be nerf

    @TBK GAMER VN already post a topic about what kind of protections percentage for armor, Like this

    1. Wooden armor: 25% protection.

    2. Bone armor: 40% protection.

    3. Leather armor: 60% protection.

    4. Metal armor: 75% protection.

    If you dont wanna Nerf Armor .Guns Need to be Buff, And Ammunition also on crafting Efficiency.

    ALSO Your unkillable when you have MEDKIT with metal armor. Medkit has WRONG Recipe tho. Its needs Fuel but instead you replace cloth recipe for it . So Fuel is NONSENSE. I hope you Agree with us, And what majority's want , @Catsbit.Care

    Edited And btw.

    Farm nodes need to be buff too. Like seriously INCREASE the AMOUNT OF HARVESTING. SPECIALLY STONE@Catsbit.Care

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  14. On 12/19/2022 at 1:13 PM, TBK GAMER VN said:

    - Maybe the metal armor seems too strong so pvp with a player wearing that armor is not very feasible.

    - I came up with the following damage resistance stats for armors:

    1. Wooden armor: 25% protection.

    2. Bone armor: 40% protection.

    3. Leather armor: 60% protection.

    4. Metal armor: 75% protection.

    I hope you will accept my proposal, Catsbit.

    This is good @Catsbit.Care

  15. Add a 50% chance Of player bleeding for getting shot. To make your Bandage and medkit usefull, If you dont want to make our Hotbar Tappable for consumables. 

    Or if you add tappable hotbars make sure to have bandages and medkit cool down atleast 5seconds to Use it again.

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