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  1. Hello Devs, Hope u will saw this

    I hope you are already working with this unbalance things with the new update. But if its not yet. 

    I wish You Knew already that METAL ARMOR AND MEDKIT IS VERY Op. specially if you both use them properly.

    METAL ARMOR needs to be nerf

    @TBK GAMER VN already post a topic about what kind of protections percentage for armor, Like this

    1. Wooden armor: 25% protection.

    2. Bone armor: 40% protection.

    3. Leather armor: 60% protection.

    4. Metal armor: 75% protection.

    If you dont wanna Nerf Armor .Guns Need to be Buff, And Ammunition also on crafting Efficiency.

    ALSO Your unkillable when you have MEDKIT with metal armor. Medkit has WRONG Recipe tho. Its needs Fuel but instead you replace cloth recipe for it . So Fuel is NONSENSE. I hope you Agree with us, And what majority's want , @Catsbit.Care

    Edited And btw.

    Farm nodes need to be buff too. Like seriously INCREASE the AMOUNT OF HARVESTING. SPECIALLY STONE@Catsbit.Care

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  2. On 12/19/2022 at 1:13 PM, TBK GAMER VN said:

    - Maybe the metal armor seems too strong so pvp with a player wearing that armor is not very feasible.

    - I came up with the following damage resistance stats for armors:

    1. Wooden armor: 25% protection.

    2. Bone armor: 40% protection.

    3. Leather armor: 60% protection.

    4. Metal armor: 75% protection.

    I hope you will accept my proposal, Catsbit.

    This is good @Catsbit.Care

  3. Add a 50% chance Of player bleeding for getting shot. To make your Bandage and medkit usefull, If you dont want to make our Hotbar Tappable for consumables. 

    Or if you add tappable hotbars make sure to have bandages and medkit cool down atleast 5seconds to Use it again.

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  4. I played two Server This new update, And u can rarely find stone nodes?? Did the stone nodes just Decreased its spawn rate? Or not? And Can you pls Buff it on hervesting? U can collect 50 stone per nodes.. thats not good, Specially stone is usefull on crafting some stuffs, Im not lazy on farming but nodes need to be buff.

    U cant Use boneclub on harvesting Animals.

    Bandage is Useless, Its gives you little amount off Hp , And then U cant Just put it on Hotbar and one top to used it.

    Whats the use of Fuel? For those who have vehicle only? If yes. Then Animal fat and fuel is Pay to win. You should Add more interesting things rather than that

    Not complaining Just Saying

  5. server Us#8 

    Time 11:30 Pm

    I was countering them from a raid and suddenly saw this player name's vanXvan use WALL HACK and FELL THROUGH the Staircase and got Suspected kick from the System

    Ban this Players Devs Tysm.

    here is the Proof