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  1. All the serves are reaching their capacity limit Catsbit.Care adds more serves like Brazil and Mexico, I only know that it costs money but there is no capacity in the severes
  2. Catsbit.Care sometimes you have to pay attention to your followers who are grabbing nothing
  3. Catsbit.Care until I have tests just look
  4. Catsbit.Care everyone knows that he likes lusise that he is the best he likes to offend the children who are here and you know what he is doing so get him out of here and see a survey of people who hate him, you think he is a good person?
  5. Keep it up, let's ban this adult who likes to offend us Catsbit.Care aslo you already know what you have to do not remove him from the game of Oxide: survival island, get him out of here please
  6. Nobody wants Emo Johnny / Bones he looks and abusive to the other Catsbit.Dev or Catsbit.Care to ban him nobody wants them
  7. He offends people on this site, nobody likes him if they want to ban him here is the survey
  8. Well, I know but the players are not satisfied with this game, it is like survival simulator but worse and if I have to be like that ? and why all the games that Catsbit makes have many errors bro also always when he updates this game he has more errors the question is Is it an improvement? (The only thing that changed from the update is stone and iron houses nothing
  9. Add more serves because it is impossible to play the world is too small for 50 people you don't believe it Catsbit I think you have to be serves from Brazil, Mexico or Spain so the most important thing is all this
  10. If they do not turn off data or battery saving, sorry I wrote it wrong XD
  11. Hello everyone, I'm going to show you how the list of servers comes out, you just have to do this if you want to save data or save battery, if it works, let me know, please