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  1. I see people flying all the time still. Go sit in the pve servers at the abandoned factory. All you see is people flying in there, speed walking, and super jump over walls and buildings.
  2. These 2 can hop entire walls. They also were jumping up in the air and staying in the air floating much higher than you are able to jump. I could only grab a screenshot as I didn’t have video enabled. The Kang Nyasar guy stayed in the air like this for several minutes until the crate spawned the deadplaer guy I didn’t capture doing it unfortunately server pve eu 58
  3. I logged on to a server, went to my base, started cooking my ore, and was kicked. I AM NOT CHEATING. I DONT CHEAT. When I relogged, I LOST MY ENTIRE INVENTORY. MY GUNS, ALL OF MY ORE, LEATHER, CLOTH, MEAT, WATER, EVERYTHING. I WANT IT ALL BACK. NOW. I SPENT ALL THAT TIME. GIVE ME IT BACK NOW.
  4. I’ve been kicked too while doing nothing. Once while in my base cooking and the other while walking to an animal I just killed. My brother got kicked while in his base. He lost his entire inventory. He is really mad. He had a lot of resources on him. This new anti cheat is horribly broken.
  5. I did this too but I didn’t get kicked. However, every time I logged back on the TC was always gone and the building was decaying. I even put planks in the TC as others suggested but still the TC would keep disappearing. Finally gave up and moved.
  6. All of the EU servers are gone in my app. It only allows me to play US servers. Why can’t we access the EU servers? Yes I have refreshed the list. No EU servers. All of my play was on the EU servers.