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  1. Ryuk

    Make lvl

    Yes timeplayed looks better
  2. Ryuk

    Make lvl

    Where is the level that you said you will put in the update? I don't see any level just a world ranking
  3. Ryuk

    A lot of kick

    Are you going to fix your game or go play another game? I got kicked out of the game 10 times and you don't want to let me in. What is this?????
  4. Removing the wall and the door without breaking them?
  5. Ryuk

    Server issue

    This has happened to me too many times yesterday.
  6. Isn't it possible to fix a problem without waiting for the big update? For example, removing the wall or the door, I think you can fix it without waiting for the update because this problem bothers a lot
  7. Ryuk

    Abouts doors

    You can't ? You have to destroyed it
  8. I understand you, but when you enter the game and you are new to the game, you will find many people armed and you are naked. You will be killed several times and you will exit the game. Unlike if there are a few players with a lot of servers, this is a good thing
  9. Ryuk


    I don't know why it says here that the shotgun kills with one hit in close proximity. And when he gets close to the players, he hits them twice in the head and they don't die. This should already be the problem. In all games the shotgun is very powerful and one hit to the head is enough to kill anyone regardless of their armor. ++ The armor is not damaged and the leather armor is too strong, it must be 5 or more strikes in order for the person to fall, and this is not realistic at all
  10. Ryuk

    Some problems

    Some problems that bothered me during 24 hours of playing it The first thing and the big problem is that why can't we link the account to Facebook or Gmail I am now in first place (axeman), so if I delete the game, my visiting account, my rank and my account will go. The second problem: is that when I open the truth, the player should not stop running, this annoys a lot every time I stop. The third problem: why can't we smash a wall or anything in the house if I put a wall by mistake I have to break it and this takes me 30 minutes this is very annoying
  11. Developers what do 70 players in a very small map what is this. Every second I meet 4 naked guys who want to kill me what the hell is this. Please draw a big map soon
  12. I think the best thing it's delete the game Until the problem is fixed
  13. I haven't updated it yet, should I wait or update it until the problem is fixed?
  14. What's going on??? I went to update it now
  15. Ryuk


    I hope that . But a map is a necessary thing, and a map that small is boring. Because in the server there are 40 people and the map is small. I always meet with players a lot and the building places are few