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  1. Yes, I know that, but why not stop this bug. If you stop it, you don't need to bane anyone
  2. Why you Cant you just stop this shiiit. It's easy glitch
  3. Ryuk

    Wrong ban

    maybe but i don't know why he said to the man can you speak Russian and he can speak English
  4. Ryuk

    Wrong ban

    Why did you suddenly become interested in Russian?
  5. Mmm, you are very much offline in the forum. I think you are working very hard. I think it would be a great update
  6. Ryuk

    #1 Priority

    So you can help them
  7. Ryuk


  8. Ryuk


    You can only tell me do you need someone who knows 3d design and be a follower of the game. Or anyone, whatever it is, I think you understand what I mean
  9. Ryuk


    I have been in contact with many YouTubers and have told them that you only need a 3D designer. One of them answered me. He said he will put it in the next video. His name is RKR Squad, and he supports you a lot. If you can talk to him, just look at my comment and see his response. He has almost 12k subscribers. I also tell people in groups about the game and my friends. I can look for a professional in 3D design, there are groups for talented people
  10. How much to create a server
  11. Ryuk


    Is there a way to win more from the game. We want to help you develop the game further. Tell us about ways to help you develop the game like advertisements if there is a good profit or something; I hope you get the idea
  12. Ryuk


    Answer what they told you first and then answer the second person
  13. Why didn't they say anything about the update date?
  14. 1-can you add drums to find scrap .(2)-and add craft like rust pc because its easy to craft weapons and RPG and thats not good You can modify the craft and make things a little more difficult, (3)_add big, medium and small chests in the areas in the game and make the map a little big,( 4)_and we can't even mark the map to remember where our home is(.5)_add materials for the raid like bomb and dynamite and c4 make it like rust I mean, in a more realistic way, like throwing a bomb or any explosive and running away
  15. But I think if they focus on oxide that will be better and good game