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  1. So i was in in my base and someone keep hitting me through the building ( i couldn't record it) Then when im setting up records he tried the kill me Its kinda hard to see but you can notice that he walk super fast wihout sprinting His name: 中国美瞳
  2. Yes.. the research progess should be saved in every server
  3. You gotta show a video as hacking proof and hacker's name Otherwise catsbit cant do anything
  4. They walk super fast
  5. Its been over 10 hours now, and it wont load Ive tried reinstall and restart device, none worked Also, before this happens,when i join a server that i played before, it wont let me in
  6. The LarSa

    Server Bug

    The same thing happened to me.. cant join any server
  7. 1 iron fragment>1 scrap Takes 5 seconds to craft each
  8. The LarSa

    About 3.0

    Lower the cost of workbench by 20% maybe the gates too Slightly higher the chance of scrap spawn
  9. Its already 24th December
  10. Since u guys are about to release it, can u tell us whats in the update?
  11. The wall hackers are everywhere,my house get steal everytime everyday,well i finally caught one