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  1. The wall hackers are everywhere,my house get steal everytime everyday,well i finally caught one
  2. U gotta upload video/screenshot proof otherwise catsbit cant ban him
  3. Same,it sometimes kicks u when it explode,i once fire a rocket into people then we all just disconnects
  4. To fix the bug, they need an update And update wipes all the server Its not good to reset all servers for a small bug fix,they probably will put it in a big update
  5. The guys who got banned are Russians and they cant speak English well,so catsbit talk to em in Russian
  6. Uhh, get a better translator, because we literally cant understand what you are talking about
  7. Do u have screenshot of the death loot box stair
  8. Bruh dude When ur in bad connection ur character stop moving sometimes too
  9. Did u stack doors? Cuz last time same thing happened to me,the new door slow decays and other parts are fine
  10. The LarSa

    #1 Priority

    They already said they are working on the anticheat system
  11. What will 100% be in the next update?
  12. Few suggestions i would like to see in next update 1."building undo" with building hammer When u misplaced a wall, the only way to remove it is to spent all day destroying it with pickaxe so add undo function pls 2.Asia severs lots of people already asking for it so nothing much to say 3.deployments immune to explosion damage Its annoying when u blow a wall up, and found out the chests, furnaces inside are destroyed by explosion too 4.falling damage adjust the falling damage is just broken,jump from 3m height and 60hp gone, decrease falling damage by 30-50%
  13. The LarSa


    Theres no fast way to regenerate yet, so we need medicines 1.bandage Spawn in crates Instant regenerate 20 hp when use 2.first aid kit rarely spawn in crates Instant regenerate 70 hp when use
  14. His name: Offical His sever: US #4 He's been saying the n word and some other racist words for a long time
  15. Nvm it returned normal after an armor door decayed