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  1. Also - I placed a new door where the original had decayed, and everything is totally fine. Still have the double-doors on another part of the base, have a new armored door in place of the decayed one - TC is now working fine and everything is back to normal. Just, highly odd, and I can't imagine that's by design.
  2. So - I logged back in, and everything's back to "normal"? Essentially what I had was, my original 1x1 that had a TC in it. I attached a 1x2 next to it with a different entrance for furnaces and whatnot. That's the one that ended up with the double-door. I tried to put an armored door on, but already had a metal door - ended up with both. At first, everything was fine. But after some hours the door on the 1x1 with the TC and the bag started decaying, and the TC stopped working. (as you can see in the screenshot, saying building decaying) The metal door on the original 1x1 decayed. Nothing else did. Everything else is 100% fine. Once that door decayed, the TC kicked back in, and everything is back to normal. Just highly odd. The mechanics that allow you to place double-doors is odd (especially since there's no way to upgrade/replace doors), and the fact that something totally unrelated decayed, while the rest of the base (and not the new armored door) is completely random. Definitely doesn't seem right, or by design. Like, I could totally understand if the "upgraded" door I placed in the 1x2 was picked up as disconnected somehow. This is just, weird.
  3. I did on another part of the base, but both of those doors are fine. And I did that a while ago, with no problem. This is only just now after the fact.
  4. Also, the only thing that seems to be getting destroyed, is the door. Everything else is fine. It's a 1x1 with an attached 1x2 under the same TC. The door to the 1x1 is slowly decreasing in HP, but the rest of the structure isn't happy. I know it's my door, because I can still open/close and lock/unlock it. Sooooo I've also destroyed the old TC, crafted and placed a new one, and it's doing the same thing. There's nothing around me, there's no evidence anyone has attacked my base or DONE anything... I can't seem to repair the door with the hammer, and nothing else has any damage at all. But the door is slowly decreasing in HP.
  5. On US2. Disconnected for the night, Jumped back on. Had multiple days of wood in the cupboard before I got off. Daily upkeep is ~150, and there's over 400 wood in there. I get on, building is intact, no damage, everything's fine. Except - it says "building decaying". I check the TC, and there's still wood in there. There's some minor damage to the door, and it won't allow me to repair. What's going on?
  6. I dont know what the rules are there, but my lord this kid won't stfu. He's been going for like 15-20 minutes now, over and over again.
  7. myke

    flying player

    Here he is in my base, floating thru walls. This should be so easy to detect. Somebody moving on the z-axis when they shouldn't be? Well dang...
  8. myke

    Wall Hack?

    This game is in "alpha" and actively under development, but youre not doing any data logging for debugging later? No, that, is not something I understand...
  9. Dude was floating and shit. On US1. Can't seem to upload files, but here's a video on yoYouTube.
  10. myke

    Wall Hack?

    Again, seems silly they can't look at the server and literally see it. How else is someone coming in to a base with locked metal doors?
  11. myke

    #1 Priority

    Like, don't take this the wrong way - but if you can't wrap your minds around the concept of "walls are things" - what's the point?
  12. myke

    #1 Priority

    I've posted some extensive things about how to make the game more robust. I've tried to think about things that affect gameplay, but do not require any major programming changes. But all of that is POINTLESS untill you fix the wall-hack problem. it doesn't matter what you do to the game as long as people can just walk into your base, kill you and steal your stuff with impunity. That should be the #1 priority. I was kicked from the server while building, inside my own base. I accidentally blocked myself in while building, and tried to crawl under a foundation to get out of a hole. I *immediately* got kicked for "hacking". And yet, people walk thru walls without any problems? I did a lot of work programming with GPS and vehicle systems. We have a concept of "geo fencing". If I create walls and doors, and they're closed off - that creates a geo-fence. A mathematically defined area of coordinates. If anyone comes in that area - how? Did they enter thru an opening? If you leave a door unlocked, it unblocks an area within that geo-fence. If that geofence is secure, and someone ends up inside that "closed" area anyways? CLEARLY something isn't right. That should be so freaking simple to detect. So if you're going to kick me for crawling under my own foundation - surely you can kick someone for walking thru a goddamned wall. This isn't rocket science.
  13. myke

    Campfire Bug

    How anybody allows users to create names that impersonate official accounts is beyond me...