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  1. Yep happens to me when I'm AFK too long and get kicked out of the game. Not sure what fixes it but keep trying and eventually it works again.
  2. Voice chat is great and all but useless if you can't play. Definitely fps higher priority so we can enjoy the other updates. Best of luck fixing issues,we know you are working hard and other updates are great. ?
  3. It's kicking everyone my friend. I just got kicked 3x and all I was doing was running. Open field mind you,obviously something isn't right. But it is the holidays so hopefully it'll get sorted in the next few days.
  4. Hopefully the next victim can provide that,game drains my phone enough without recording.
  5. MadMaximus


    Caught this player inside my house be6pa 4 (all doors and walls 100%) stealing my stuff. Hit him 3 times with shotgun point blank and he just Disconnected. Reappeared a few moments later and killed me. Then he was invisable following me around my base. I could hear him walking behind me but couldnt see him. Please look into it,this game is great but this is probably the 3rd time ive had all my stuff taken due to "shadey" circumstances. Thank you.